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His Balls Tho> (pic)


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Hairy Pound Cake


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Fucking With Big Dick Tony (video)

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Shino Amry Fatigue Bottomless Singlet (TasteeTreasures)

Shino Amry Fatigue Bottomless Singlet


 Shino Amry Fatigue Bottomless Singlet


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Prada Freaks Him Down (GIF)

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Cake Bake (GIFs)

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Joe Boxer (pic)


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How To Be A Conscious Slut (article)


How To Be A Conscious Slut

by Rick Clemons 

Let’s face it. We’re men, horny most the time, and We like sex. I realize I just stereotyped two out of the last three statements. For the most part, what I said is true. Right?

Building upon those premises, let’s also admit, that the technological age has enabled us to have app/mouse in hand to accompany our animal pursuit of penis and ass and masturbation simultaneously. Of course, for some of us that means learning to be ambidextrous too. Admit it. We’ve all figured out creative ways to juggle our iPHONE’s and Mr. Happy’s in order to achieve happy endings.

Couple all of the above observations with our inherent instinct to strike out on masculine quests, seek adventure, and conquer other masculine prey, and you’ve got the perfect makings for being a S-L-U-T! Of course I’m not talking about you. I’m referring to all the other gay men around you putting out for putting out’s sake.

But wait! What defines a SLUT? Who defines a SLUT? How do you become a SLUT? Where do you find SLUTS? When do you finally achieve SLUT status? All very good questions that you should answer and define for yourself instead of letting others define your version of SLUT for you!

Why? Let’s turn to the wise Roman author, orator, and politician Cicero for that answer…”To each his own!” Yes, you have the right to be your own version of SLUT and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise…with one exception. If you knowingly, in your sexual escapades, are passing around every A – Z STD in the book, then honey…YOU’RE A SLUT! Now that I got that off my chest, let’s step back to Cicero and “To each his own!”

I’m passionate about SLUTS because I resemble that remark. No we’re stepping onto the set of True Confessions of a Gay Life Coach. I didn’t sign a talent agreement, yet, for that show. However, I’m man enough and old enough not to give a damn what you think, when I admit I’ve shagged my fair share of man bumps and poles, and no I don’t truly consider myself a SLUT! Thus the reason I’m passionate about SLUTS, because I actually don’t think they exist, except for the sloppy ones passing around STD’s.

Instead, I prefer to say I’m an enlightened, consciously aware, sexual being. I’ll say that again, except a little slower this time so it can sink in. I’m……..enlightened,…..consciously…..aware,…..sexual being! I know, you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck does that new age penis wearing life coach mean. Glad you asked and I’m pleased to answer.

An enlightened, consciously aware, sexual being is not blindly entering into sexual encounters for the sport of sexual encounters. They are very conscious of their sexual energy, embrace it, enjoy it, and feel no shame for being a sexual being! Do I need to repeat that? I think not. Just re-read it.

Since the dawn of human existence, sexual energy has swirled in our essence. The only thing that causes a downward nosedive of that energy is the moment that sex becomes shameful and guilt ridden. Come on admit it. We’ve all been told that sex is dirty at some point in time in our lives. And gay sex, well that’s just downright filthy and disgusting. That being stated clearly, are you really all that surprised that we gay men carry a pooper scooper full of shame and guilt around with us regarding sex? Just as I thought. You do. Well men, line up your sexual pooper scoopers because we’re about to dump them out, once and for all.

To become an enlightened, consciously aware, sexual being you only need to embrace the following. Ok, there’s more wisdom to wrap your loving arms around, but I only have so many words for this article.

1. Accept you’re a sexual being, your own sexual being, in your own way and cuddle up with it without any guilt or shame.

2. Examine your core values for your life and ask yourself Does my sexual energy align with my core values? If it does, then your golden and on the right path. If it doesn’t, then it’s time for a sexual cleanse.

3. Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a sexual match! This isn’t new news, but it’s news we often don’t listen to. If you’re not sexually matched, and I’m not just talking bottom-to-bottom or top-to-top, then more than likely you’re going to have strife in any relationship you enter into. Save yourself some trouble and limp-dick nights and find your sexual match.

4. Have sex for all the right reasons. It doesn’t always to be fireworks and can’t walk the next day sex. However, consciously going into the Fifty Shades of Grey sexual arena sure can save you from the morning or hour after mind games that can scar for life. Be aware, be fully aware of why you’re diving into sex. Hooking up for getting rocks off sake. Great! Sensually diving in for a more intimate connection. Right on. Exploring water sports for the sport of exploring. Rock on, just do miss your mark. The point is be fully conscious of why you’re diving into the pool of sexual exploration.

5. Trust your gut! If you feel like a slut then you’re being a slut. In the words of a wise spiritual teacher, Iyanla Vanzant, “Life, she’s waiting for you to listen!” So the question is, are you listening to that little voice that tells you, “Sometimes you feel like a slut!” if you feel it and you don’t like it, what are you going to do about it?

Guys, the bottom line is, sexual energy is one of the beautiful gifts of life. Like the other gifts of life – happiness, joy, breath, fine wines – what you choose to do with it is up to you. So, do you choose to be a slut, or a beautiful sexual being consciously choosing to embrace your sexual energy without guilt and shame?

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We Fuckin Right?


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Get It Sexy (GIF)


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