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Oct 30

Red Stripes



These sexy undies can be exclusively found at TasteeTreasures.Com

Xuba Stripe Split Trunks Red 

Oct 30

Sexy In That Sheer Thong

If you love sexy sheer briefs your going to love  the Black Cockcon Mesh Crossover Thong from TasteeTreasures.Com - Rue






If you love sexy sheer briefs your going to love  the Black Cockcon Mesh Crossover Thong from TasteeTreasures.Com

 - Rue

Oct 24

Double Strap One Piece Thong



Double Strap One Piece Thong

Oct 24

Kiss Me (Tastee Treasures)




Xuba Kiss Me Trunks

Oct 24

Secrets In The Wash!



The Secret is In the wash. Have you been washing your undergarments the right way?

Step 1: It’s always best to light wash or hand wash any undergarments. If you do use the washer for the light wash be sure to wash with other delicates.

Side Note: Remember don’t ever wash your undergarments with jeans or any other rough garments. It will only cause wear and tear during cleaning.

Does detergent matter? Of course it does, as much as I love gain it isn’t the best at keeping any of my color clothes vibrant. So be sure to use Color Guard Detergents to keep those undergarments bright.

Step 2: a low tumble dry or hang dry. Following these steps will help you keep those undergarments from fading, and early wear and tear. - @RueMicheals ✏️   TasteeTreasures.Com

Oct 23

Still Revealing It All (TasteeTreasures)

“What I like about the Reveal Sheer Thong is the fact that your lightly covering yourself while still Revealing it all.”@RueMicheals

 Photo From @TheConfidentOne



Blue Reveal Sheer Thong
Red Reveal Sheer Thong

Oct 23

Jockstrap Lovers



Love sexy Jockstraps? Then check out the Red Seeinner Stripe Band Jockstrap

From TasteeTreasures.Com

Oct 18

Tastee Treasures Fashion Show #BehindTheStage

4820 4821 4822 4823 4824



Oct 07

Hey there sailor

Blue Reveal Sheer Thong


Blue Reveal Sheer Thong

Oct 07

Tastee Power Couple

 Tastee Power Couple – Underwear from TasteeTreasures.Com


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