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Feb 15

Homeboys For Life (Black Gay Erotica)

Homeboys For Life (Black Gay Erotica)

Chapter 1: Straight From the Heaven of my Childhood

By Joshua Little

I heaved a heavy sigh of exhaustion as I hung up my apron and grabbed my keys from my locker and closed it shut. The next set of employees walked in to hang up their aprons and begin their work. As I left the locker room, I walked past some of the other employees coming in and checked in Frank’s office to make sure that he was here to take over my shift. After confirming he was in, I left out of the cafe to head home. The bright sun gleamed down on me as I stepped into the fresh May air. Today was a perfect day. Although it was in the mid 90’s, the breeze made it feel as if it was around 84. I stopped and took a deep breath to take in the wonderful weather when, I heard the distant footsteps of someone running after me from behind. I turned around and it was my coworker, soul sista, and best friend from high school, Alicia.

“Josh!! Wait up!!!!!!” Alicia yelled.

I continued waiting for her to catch up.

“Wassup boo?” I replied when she finally caught up.

“What you ‘bout to do?” she asked.

“I don’t know, probably go home and chill”

I was tired from working all day since 3 am. Ever since I moved to this new city 12 months ago and got promoted to manager 2 months ago I ended up working double shifts.  But I can’t really complain; not many people get promoted to shift manager after only 10 months. Some say it was from me kissing the boss’s ass. I say it’s merely my job skills and knowing how to work the system, and Alicia agrees.  She got a raise from merely doing her job better than others. My job had a tendency to stress me out at times. It was pretty much normal for me to come home absolutely exhausted, and the customers made it even worse.  The fact that our café was the most popular spot in town was a double sided sword.  It was good for business, which means we got pretty high salaries comparatively, but it sure did stress me the hell out.  Despite work being a pain in the ass, it does have its benefits: it keeps the rent paid, the car in my parking spot, and food on my table. I guess $40,000 a year to work as a café shift manager ain’t so bad after all.

“It’s a nice day!! We should go to the park then go clubbin’ at Apex later on……you know they got the sexiest niggas in there……” she said.

“Naw girl, I’m tired as shit……Imma hit you up if I change my mind….” I answered. I truly was more tired than usual.  Alicia looked a little disappointed.

“Okay Josh, that’s cool then…See you tomorrow ‘sexy’…..” Alicia said in her usually silly, yet seductive voice.

“Girl, you a mess! Iight, see you tomorrow boo.” I joked as I walked to my gorgeous tan Datsun.

I was quite popular at work with all the niggas because of what I drove.  All of the dudes at work were car guys: they loved cars, and tuning them. Majority of them drove Hondas, Impalas,  Crown Vic’s, and supped up Toyotas. But I was the odd ball. I had a Z. Not just any Z, but a classic 1983 Datsun 280zx with a red interior, headlight covers, rear spoiler, and window louvers. It was surely a sight to see. I used to go down 16th Avenue every Friday night in my senior year of high school and watch people leave the new Corvettes and BMWs to come see my car. That got me in trouble with a lot of the richer guys who took pride in their fancy, expensive cars, but made me cool as shit with a lot of the more popular kids in high school.  It’s long, sleek front end and curvy lines made people think it was much faster than it actually was. It maxed out at only 135 mph, but it felt like so much more. The Z was pretty much my pride and joy (ever since I inherited my tan Datsun 280zx from my aunt, I called it the “Z”). From its sexy scalloped headlights to its sleek, streamlined shape, every bit of that car looked sporty; and, surprisingly,  it wasn’t too bad on gas either.  That car was and always has been my life.

As I pulled onto I-53, traffic was at a crawl.  I could feel myself getting drowsier and drowsier.  After a good 15 minutes in traffic, I finally passed the construction and was able to get up to speed. The remaining 5 minutes home felt like 20.

I pulled into the parking lot and dragged myself; a beat, tired, 21 year old man; upstairs to my apartment.  As I walked up the stairs, I thought about all the events of the day.  Today, I had to do several employee evaluations and I had to close my shift and prepare for Frank’s shift.  This new manager’s position really was taking a lot out of me.  I don’t recall being this tired in a long time.

Once I got to my floor, I noticed the door to 35A was open right across the hall. Apartment 35A has been abandoned for some months now ever since those crazy Hispanics moved out. The girlfriend, Amarilla, and I were really cool. I would come out to the balcony with her sometimes and we would have nice conversations; but I wasn’t really all that crazy about her husband, Carlos.  He seemed a bit arrogant and aggressive.  Amarilla and Carlos had the most up and down relationship that I had ever seen.  They fought twenty four-seven and had make-up sex twenty four-seven.  Their sex was so wild that when I turned off the TV and stereo, I could hear Carlos tearing that shit up and Amarilla begging for more.  I usually drowned it out with my stereo or a good movie.  Amarilla and Carlos would always be paranoid every time the landlord knocked on the door.  She’d turn everything off and pretend as if the house was empty, and he would always be gone with some other girl.  For a while they got away with not paying months worth of rent until it finally caught up with them.  I will never forget the look upon Amarilla’s face as the eviction workers moved their stuff out and her husband, Carlos, left her sitting there and ran off with some rich, white chick that he’d been fucking for months. I felt extremely sorry for her.  It was truly a sad sight to see.

I stood by to watch the workers move sofas and couches into the apartment and to see who was moving in.  Nobody seemed to be in sight. As I stood trying to be nosy, I noticed that the people moving in couldn’t be the same as Amarilla and Carlos. The new neighbor’s furniture was VERY high quality and VERY expensive.  This made me even more interested in who could possibly be moving next door to me. As I stood outside my door for a while and the minutes wore on,  I finally got a little thirsty. I went into my apartment to get a glass of cranberry juice.  I went into the kitchen and poured myself the last bit of cranberry juice.  Then I came back out to continue to observe the new neighbors and be nosy. I was very interested in seeing who was going to be living next to me this time, after all the luck I’ve had with neighbors.

From out of the window, I could see a couple arguing in the distance…or hear them rather.  I could barely make out the figure coming upstairs.  About two minutes later, I saw him walking up the steps, walking towards me. It had been so long since we last met. I imagined a halo surrounding him like a light brown-skinned, 6’0, slim yet built, angel straight out of the heaven of my childhood……..

Dec 14

Homeboys For Life (Black Gay Erotica)

Chapter 1: Straight From the Heaven of my Childhood

By Joshua Little

I heaved a heavy sigh of exhaustion as I hung up my apron and grabbed my keys from my locker and closed it shut. The next set of employees walked in to hang up their aprons and begin their work. As I left the locker room, I walked past some of the other employees coming in and checked in Frank’s office to make sure that he was here to take over my shift. After confirming he was in, I left out of the cafe to head home. The bright sun gleamed down on me as I stepped into the fresh May air. Today was a perfect day. Although it was in the mid 90’s, the breeze made it feel as if it was around 84. I stopped and took a deep breath to take in the wonderful weather when, I heard the distant footsteps of someone running after me from behind. I turned around and it was my coworker, soul sista, and best friend from high school, Alicia.

“Josh!! Wait up!!!!!!” Alicia yelled.

I continued waiting for her to catch up.

“Wassup boo?” I replied when she finally caught up.

“What you ‘bout to do?” she asked.

“I don’t know, probably go home and chill”

I was tired from working all day since 3 am. Ever since I moved to this new city 12 months ago and got promoted to manager 2 months ago I ended up working double shifts.  But I can’t really complain; not many people get promoted to shift manager after only 10 months. Some say it was from me kissing the boss’s ass. I say it’s merely my job skills and knowing how to work the system, and Alicia agrees.  She got a raise from merely doing her job better than others. My job had a tendency to stress me out at times. It was pretty much normal for me to come home absolutely exhausted, and the customers made it even worse.  The fact that our café was the most popular spot in town was a double sided sword.  It was good for business, which means we got pretty high salaries comparatively, but it sure did stress me the hell out.  Despite work being a pain in the ass, it does have its benefits: it keeps the rent paid, the car in my parking spot, and food on my table. I guess $40,000 a year to work as a café shift manager ain’t so bad after all.

“It’s a nice day!! We should go to the park then go clubbin’ at Apex later on……you know they got the sexiest niggas in there……” she said.

“Naw girl, I’m tired as shit……Imma hit you up if I change my mind….” I answered. I truly was more tired than usual.  Alicia looked a little disappointed.

“Okay Josh, that’s cool then…See you tomorrow ‘sexy’…..” Alicia said in her usually silly, yet seductive voice.

“Girl, you a mess! Iight, see you tomorrow boo.” I joked as I walked to my gorgeous tan Datsun.

I was quite popular at work with all the niggas because of what I drove.  All of the dudes at work were car guys: they loved cars, and tuning them. Majority of them drove Hondas, Impalas,  Crown Vic’s, and supped up Toyotas. But I was the odd ball. I had a Z. Not just any Z, but a classic 1983 Datsun 280zx with a red interior, headlight covers, rear spoiler, and window louvers. It was surely a sight to see. I used to go down 16th Avenue every Friday night in my senior year of high school and watch people leave the new Corvettes and BMWs to come see my car. That got me in trouble with a lot of the richer guys who took pride in their fancy, expensive cars, but made me cool as shit with a lot of the more popular kids in high school.  It’s long, sleek front end and curvy lines made people think it was much faster than it actually was. It maxed out at only 135 mph, but it felt like so much more. The Z was pretty much my pride and joy (ever since I inherited my tan Datsun 280zx from my aunt, I called it the “Z”). From its sexy scalloped headlights to its sleek, streamlined shape, every bit of that car looked sporty; and, surprisingly,  it wasn’t too bad on gas either.  That car was and always has been my life.

As I pulled onto I-53, traffic was at a crawl.  I could feel myself getting drowsier and drowsier.  After a good 15 minutes in traffic, I finally passed the construction and was able to get up to speed. The remaining 5 minutes home felt like 20.

I pulled into the parking lot and dragged myself; a beat, tired, 21 year old man; upstairs to my apartment.  As I walked up the stairs, I thought about all the events of the day.  Today, I had to do several employee evaluations and I had to close my shift and prepare for Frank’s shift.  This new manager’s position really was taking a lot out of me.  I don’t recall being this tired in a long time.

Once I got to my floor, I noticed the door to 35A was open right across the hall. Apartment 35A has been abandoned for some months now ever since those crazy Hispanics moved out. The girlfriend, Amarilla, and I were really cool. I would come out to the balcony with her sometimes and we would have nice conversations; but I wasn’t really all that crazy about her husband, Carlos.  He seemed a bit arrogant and aggressive.  Amarilla and Carlos had the most up and down relationship that I had ever seen.  They fought twenty four-seven and had make-up sex twenty four-seven.  Their sex was so wild that when I turned off the TV and stereo, I could hear Carlos tearing that shit up and Amarilla begging for more.  I usually drowned it out with my stereo or a good movie.  Amarilla and Carlos would always be paranoid every time the landlord knocked on the door.  She’d turn everything off and pretend as if the house was empty, and he would always be gone with some other girl.  For a while they got away with not paying months worth of rent until it finally caught up with them.  I will never forget the look upon Amarilla’s face as the eviction workers moved their stuff out and her husband, Carlos, left her sitting there and ran off with some rich, white chick that he’d been fucking for months. I felt extremely sorry for her.  It was truly a sad sight to see.

I stood by to watch the workers move sofas and couches into the apartment and to see who was moving in.  Nobody seemed to be in sight. As I stood trying to be nosy, I noticed that the people moving in couldn’t be the same as Amarilla and Carlos. The new neighbor’s furniture was VERY high quality and VERY expensive.  This made me even more interested in who could possibly be moving next door to me. As I stood outside my door for a while and the minutes wore on,  I finally got a little thirsty. I went into my apartment to get a glass of cranberry juice.  I went into the kitchen and poured myself the last bit of cranberry juice.  Then I came back out to continue to observe the new neighbors and be nosy. I was very interested in seeing who was going to be living next to me this time, after all the luck I’ve had with neighbors.

From out of the window, I could see a couple arguing in the distance…or hear them rather.  I could barely make out the figure coming upstairs.  About two minutes later, I saw him walking up the steps, walking towards me. It had been so long since we last met. I imagined a halo surrounding him like a light brown-skinned, 6’0, slim yet built, angel straight out of the heaven of my childhood……..

Jul 10

First Time For Everything (Gay Sex Story)

First Time For Everything
By: Marv

Like most lil nigga’s when you in eighth grade all you can think about is how to
get a lil hoe to go home wit you. I remember it like it was yesterday, I’m Marvin so
you know. I was known by most of the school as a cool ass nigga, that like to
hustle anyway he could. I wasn’t like most lil niggas in the eighth grade my “FAM”
had a lil money and I knew a lot of people so I had connections if you will. My cuz
owned a video store and also had an adult viewing area in the back room. Me
and my niggas on the way to open gym use to stop by his store everyday after
school. We after a few months built up a nice collection of porn for ourselves. So
me and my niggas, which consisted of all of the pretty boys in the school house,
started slangin porn. It was about March of 02’ we started to have lil freakniks in
the gym locker room and band rooms in the school. Me and David use to
compete and see who could pull the coldest bitch and play wit the pussy first.
There were so many hoes to choose from, this year unlike all the others. There
was Stephanie, Montera, Tyretta, Alex, Ashley, and Tenisha. Me and David, tori
and Ray Sean took turns seeing who we wanted to have first.
Proficiency week was taking place and we was running out shit to do, everyday
fuck wit hoes, go and hoop, watch porn. So one day in class me and David were
taking our test in science, and we all were separated. So a nigga like me started
passin notes, all morning. We started out just talk regular old nigga shit like what
we was gon do after school and shit like dat. So we went on to pass notes to
Stephanie and Montera. My first note said “yo Montera, David said can he eat dat
pussy” she replied “yeah if I can play wit dat dick. Then david sent a note to
Stephanie and said “hey steph, marv wanna show you his dick” she replied,
“aight what’s good wit all dat” so first a nigga was a lil nervous bein in clas and
shit, but but again bein the nigga I was I pulled my dick out and stroked it a few
time for the lil hoe. About 15 minute later we had a break from class so we went
to the bathroom, and I was takin a piss, dave walked up behind a nigga and
looked over my shoulder and said damn kid dim feelin dat dick. So I looked back
like what nigga, you gay or something? He like nawl just sayin I like what I see.
So we went back to class and started passin notes again. I passed a note and
asked dave could I peep what he was workin wit, he passed one back like hell
nawl. So I was a lil mad. Then my teacher came by and gave us some suckers
and bottles of pop. So it clicked to me let me fuck wit the lil nigga. Dave was sexy
as fuck, nice tight body, the sexiest nigga we had in the school house at the time.
I was getting tired of just writtin note to the lil nigga so I had to improvise, so I
started to eat my sucker and I told dave “hey nigga look at dis”, I put the sucker
stick and all down my throat,and eased it back out. I saw dave feelin on his dick
after that, the I took the bottle of pop and did the same thing. I looked over a
dave and saw his dick was startin to jump. David threw me a note and said “man
how you put that bottle in yo mouf so far?” I said shit just fuckin around wit you.
The he threw another note that said “yo, what you gettin into after school and
shit?” I said goin to open gym and to da house. He said aight imma slide there wit you, I replied “cool, lil nigga”. So school got out and we went back to my spot,
I was known for my peoples never bein home my mom an nurse and my pops a
professor. So we just decide to chill in my room and watch some of the new flicks
we picked up after school. After ther first movie my nigga lil john and aarius said
they was goin to da gym,so we said we would be there in a minute. 15 minutes
after they left out dave was playin in his shorts feelin on his dick. So he said “a
nigga look at my dick” I said “man chill out”. But in my mind I was lookin and just
thinking like damn this nigga got pipe. Then he said, “let me see you dick again” I
said aight,yo don’t matter to me. Dave started lookin and then the nigga started
to feel on my dick,I just sat back and watch cuz it was feelin good. Then david
said you “can you do me a favor” I replied a favor like what? He said niggas do
each other favors all da time.
He said “can you suck my dick, we aint gotta tell nobody.” I said I don’t know then
he said “yo my nigga just close yo eyes”. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth
and he start to slide his dick in and out of my mouf,he started getting harder.soon
I had his whold 9.5 inched in my mouf. I was suckin his dick and thinking in my
head I aint never saw a uncut nigga dick be4 only in the pornos. He started to
fuck my mouth harder,then I started to feel my dick feel like I was bout to exload,
so I started feelin on his phat lil ass putting my finger in his booty and pullin him
forward so he could fuck my throat harder,the he started moanin like
ahh,ahh,ahh,nigga damn, im bout to cum,
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………….. I sucked harder while he came till
the nigga dropped to his knees. Then he threw his shit on and we went to the
We left out the gym in like a hour and went back to his house and shit, he was
lookin sexy as fuck wit his b-ball short on and a white beater. He went in the
kitchen and then peeked back out and said “yo come in my basement”. I walked
kinda slow,and when I got down the stairs he was sittin on the couch wit his dick
hard ass fuck in his shorts, and his beater was on da ground. We started to just
feel on each others dick and the he said “hey nigga let me taste that shit” I undid
my pants and kicked em off across the room,came out my shirt and snatch off
the nigga shorts. I started to fuck his mouf, but I noticed he couldn’t tak my 8.5 all
the way in his mouf. So we switched and he started to fuck my mouf again and I
started to finger his ass, lickin on his nuts and,rubbin on his six pack. I then felt
my dick get hard as fuck like I felt earlier, so I asked em “can a nigga fuck or
something” he said yes nigga take dis shit. So I flipped em over and put his hand
on the couch. I spit on my dick and started to slide it into his tight ass hole. I aint
never fucked a nigga so in my mind I acted like he was a hoe,and started to pipe
em down.
I felt his start to jump a lil bit but I held him down. I pounded his ass till I saw he
couldn’t take no more. Then I flipped him over and put his legs behind his head,
and started to slow slid my ever harding dick in and out of his tight asshole. He
grabbed my ass and pulled me in and started sayin, “harder nigga,harder”. So I
started to pound his ass till I heard him moan again, he went,
ahhhhhhhhhh,ahhhhhhhhhhh,ahaaaahhhhhhhhhh,damn nigga,fuck. I think im
bout to bust,ahhhhhhhahhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

saw his dick erupt like he never came before, cum everywhere. All on my
chest,and I still kept poundin his ass,then he let out another ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
he it cum again,uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was like damn, yo, you been
fuck before aint you, he said yeah nigga. Then he said let me suck dat dick, I told
him nobody ever gets me to cum, he said watch me, so he started to suck on my
dick and lick my nuts I told him let my jack it off, so he started to suck a niggas
nipples first I was like naw, but it was feelin good and my dick got harder and I
started to drip precum, I felt he bite my nipple, I said ahhhhhhhh, nigga damn put
ya mouf on my dick, he dick, and I sucked real hard, I strated to cum, I yell
ahhhhhhh shit nigga damn, kid,stop,stop,stop. Then I said hold on I got some
more and beat my dick again and started to shot cum all over my chest, he was
like “nigga thought nobody could make you cum”. I just smiled and we layed back
on the couch

May 19

D.L. OBSESSIONS (Gay Sex Story)



On one freezing Friday evening at 3:07pm, a cell vibrates on a cherry wood
coffee table. Lorenzo, nearly spilling his red kool-aid, quickly picks up the phone
and takes a glance at the caller id. Then he perks up with a smile on his face
stretching from ear to ear. Lorenzo cheesed like this only when his boo, Kelly,
called. He could not fathom the wait of hearing her voice.

Lorenzo Knight was six feet tall with a caramel tone that all the ladies loved. He
always dressed casual, but, in the latest fashion. He was always on point.
Lorenzo had everyone in his high-school follow right behind the heels of his feet.
Lorenzo had a really proud family. Plus, he was the head leader of the football
team and had everyone always looking up to him. This, among other things, had
also caused him to have a little hidden stress on his chest. Just like any other
man, they all have their secrets. But, most of it went away when he spent time
with his boo, Kelly. Kelly Mari, Lorenzo’s high-school sweetheart, was a girl in the
in-crowd. Kelly dressed really provocative causing all men to pause as she
entered the room. Her eyes were hazel green, she was the same skin tone as
Halle Berry, and she had a toned physic and a big ole booty that poked way out.
She so seemingly loved Lorenzo and would do anything to keep him loving her.
Unknowingly, to Lorenzo, she was a very scandalous chick. (…but we’ll get into
that later on in the story)

Yo wassup! Lorenzo said sounding very happy.
Hey boo! Kelly said matching his happiness. So… are you still coming to TSU
with me baby?
Yeah, I decided for my major to be in business and you know imma be killin’
these niggaz on the field yo! Lorenzo said with excitement.
Hell yeah I know my nigga got them lames in check! Kelly said sounding as
ghetto as she could be, raising her arm and waving her hand in the air.
Shit…….so you comin’ to Doje’s graduation party on Tuesday?
You gonna come clean baby?
Baby, you know Zo, I gotta stay fly  ! he sang.

They talked for about twenty minutes longer about their future until Kelly’s
company came knocking on her door. Then they ended their conversation and
simultaneously hung up their phones.

Later on in the evening, over Kelly’s house, there was the aroma of hot steamy
unfaithful sex in the air. Kelly’s company/late-night lover had his tongue all down
her throat. They were both sweating with passion as they quickly ripped of each
others clothes. The company threw Kelly onto her parent’s king size bed and
stared at Kelly’s naked body as his 11 inch dick got fully erect. Kelly slowly
rubbed her perfectly perky nipples on her breast as she licked her lips

Mmmm, big daddy, is you ready for some cut? Kelly asked fully in heat.
Hell yeah my bitch! The company said hornier than he has ever been in his life.
He held his big dick in his hand and aimed it for Kelly’s mouth.

Gat damn nigga you got a big ole dick! Kelly said in amazement as she started
to lick his shaft up and down. Then she started licking the huge mushroom head
of his dick, which made the company moan in ecstasy. Next, she opened her
mouth as wide as she could and deep throated as much of the dick she could.
She was almost successful getting her lips all the way down to the base of his
dick. The company was in awe so much that he decided to help her. So he
decided to wildly fuck her face by holding the back of her head as her saliva
dripped uncontrollably from her lips. When she was nearly at the point of passing
out he nutted a big sloppy load of semen down her throat and he pulled out.

Awe fuck dat mouth was good ho! The company said smacking his dick in
Kelly’s saliva covered face.
Nigga……you almost killed my ass! Kelly said gasping for air.
Shut the fuck up hoe and put dat big booty in the air fah big poppa bitch! The
company said in an aggressive tone. Imma fuck da shit outta dat ass hoe! He
said flipping her over in the doggy style position. Then he grabbed her ass
cheeks, spread them and plunged his dick in and started to pump. Kelly was
about to scream to the top of her lungs until he covered her mouth with both of
his massive rough hands. Yeah bitch you know you like dat dick. The company
said with a smile on his face as he grinded on.

As they got it on, Kelly let the company “hit it raw”. But little did she know that
the company had full blown AIDS and he never planned on telling her either.


Meanwhile, at the Rivergate mall, Lorenzo was picking up some new clothes so
he would be most definitely on point at Doje’s party. First he went into a little

store called Era; this was almost the only store in Nashville that had the latest
fashion. So he decided to pick up a blue Roca-Wear outfit, which was priced at
$237.90. it was expensive but it was worth it. As Lorenzo walked out of the store
he felt a strange feeling in his gut. It made him want to call his boo, Kelly. But, he
decided not to when a crowd of small kids rushed pass him following the irritated
parents. Lorenzo’s next stop was Finish Line and a nigga had to get the new
Jordan’s to rock with his outfit. Last, he decided to stop by Journey’s to buy some
new Timb’s. Lorenzo saw the ones he wanted so he called for some help from
the only employee that was in the store.

Aye yo! Lorenzo yelled out.
Wassup you need help? Said the employee.
Yeah I need a size thirteen yo.
Aiight imma go to the back and see if we got some more. The employee said
quickly making eye contact with Lorenzo as he turned toward the back of the

What da fuck!? Lorenzo thought to himself. Why is my dick on rock? He said
confused. Lorenzo was bewildered by the fact that he had an attraction to this
dude. He had never in his life felt this kind of attraction. But he wasn’t going to be
bold enough to confront those new hidden feelings. As dude came back with
Lorenzo’s shoes he swore he started to pre-cum in his pants. This dude had a
rough and thuggish look which made him look very masculine. To top it off, he
was grilled out with gold fronts, he had corn rows that hung to his shoulders and
chocolate brown skin. Lorenzo was really feeling this thug nigga. So, Lorenzo
came to the conclusion that he was most definitely attracted. As the employee
made the motion of handing Lorenzo his shoes to try on, he was in a daze.

Aye dude! The employee said snapping Lorenzo out of his trance.
Oh, my bad yo! Lorenzo said embarrassed.
Its coo dude…….aye… aint you dat nigga named Lorenzo!? The employee
Yeah. Lorenzo said wondering where they have met in the past. Do I know
Nah. But I heard a lot about you, especially ya girl, Kelly. The employee said
Nigga what the fuck is so fuckin funny yo! Lorenzo said in a real serious tone.
And what you hear about my girl?
You sure you want me to tell you my nigga? The employee said making sure
he was serious.
Yeah nigga!
Aiight………ya girl is a…….ho. The employee said with caution.
Nigga get the fuck outta my face yo! Lorenzo said not believing his true words.
Aye just ask around, I even heard she been fuckin’ around wit teachers yo!
You serious yo!? Lorenzo said nearly teary eyed.
Yeah. The chick even tried to fuck wit me, but, I aint even tryna get my ass

beat by yo giant ass. He said trying to cheer Lorenzo up. And oh yeah…….I see
you happy to see a nigga. The employee said looking at Lorenzo’s print showing
through his baggy jeans.
Heh ……you noticed dat yo. Lorenzo said blushing as he held his head down.
Aye it’s coo dat you on da D.L. my nigga. He said writing his name and number
on a sheet of paper. My name is James if you wonderin’ nigga…….shit ……hit a
nigga up and let ya boy know what’s good.
Aiight yo. Lorenzo said feeling so much better. Yo, I’m so fuckin glad I used
condoms wit her yo……but…..I ate her pussy yo. He said with regret.
Damn, you betta get dat shit checked out playa!

Lorenzo went up to the front of the store and paid for his shoes. Since no one
else was coming into the store Lorenzo and James decided to talk a few more
minutes. After the conversation was over Lorenzo gave James his cell number
and they parted.


As Lorenzo was on his way home it was about 8:30pm so he decided that he
should confront Kelly as soon as possible. When he pulled up in front of her
place, he saw a red expedition in the drive way that he wasn’t familiar with. He
also knew it couldn’t have been her parents’ cause they were forever at work. So
he pulled up beside it, got out of his car leaving the door wide open. Then he
pulled out his key to Kelly’s house that she gave him for whatever reason and he
silently walked in the house. Lorenzo crept to Kelly’s room and found no one until
he heard a squeak in her parents’ bed room.

Lorenzo slowly opened the door to the room and to his maddening surprise he
saw Kelly getting it on with the black history teacher from his high-school!
Lorenzo was so mad all he could do was scream out a deep ferocious roar. That
unexpected sound caused Kelly and the teacher to flinch in horror. The second
they noticed Lorenzo standing there with tears flowing down his sad glassy eyes,
they swiftly got decent. Then the teacher tried his best to head for the front door.
But he knew he was only fooling himself, especially, when the angry Lorenzo
Knight grabbed his arm and jabbed him in his jaw. Lorenzo’s powerful punch
knocked him unconscious before he even touched the other side of the bedroom
door. Lorenzo turned around to Kelly and started to walk slowly towards her as
he gave a piercing stare.

Why? Lorenzo said with tears still flowing down his face.

I don’t know? Kelly said with a scared look on her face.

What! He yelled.

I guess I was lonely baby? She said with extreme caution for the worst.

Heh, well I guess we over. He said with a smile on his face thinking or Lebron.

Baby give me one more chance, I promise I…

Did you even use a condom? He said cutting her off.


Well did you?! He said cutting her off again.

No! She said with her eyes about to overflow with tears.

How you know dat nigga don’t have a disease or some shit?!

I don’t kn…

We goin to the clinic tomorrow and we gettin’ tested. This relationship is over,
but, I’ll always love you girl.

Why are you gettin’ tested? She said with her head tilted eyeing the floor teary

Cuz I went down on yo loose ass! He said with rage in his voice.

Oh. She said with a dumb look on her face.


When the next day came Kelly and Lorenzo went to the clinic to get tested as
planned. Naturally, they were both nervous about it. For one, the outcome could
change their lives forever. Lorenzo had a lot of faith because he was basically
faithful and practiced safe sex. On the other hand, for Kelly, she was horrified.
She messed with a least twenty men within one month alone. The really bad
thing about it was she never used any protection.


Two weeks had passed and Lorenzo Knight had received his results and saw
that they were negative. He was so happy that he started to dance to the new Lil’
Jon video on his television. Afterwards, Lorenzo called up Lebron and told him
the good news. Unfortunately, for Kelly Mari, on the day after she got her results
that were positive. She couldn’t cry because she knew deep down inside that the
results were positive.

Four days had passed and Kelly finally got up the courage to call Lorenzo to
tell him the unfortunate news. She hoped to God he wasn’t still heated over what
she had done. So when he answered, she inhaled and proceeded with the bad
news. But to her surprise she heard words of kindness from a happy Lorenzo.

Kelly, everything will be ok just as long as you live the right way and take care
of yourself. Lorenzo said with the intent of lifting her spirits. Hey, if magic
Johnson can stay alive all of these long years then there’s no doubt that you got
hope in the future. He continued.

Then Kelly said her thanks to Lorenzo for making her feel so good. Next, they
said their goodbyes and as usual they hung up simultaneously.

Apr 25

My Roomy (Gay Sex Story)

My Roomy By So FreshKidd

About me:

Brazilian parents, lived in the USA most of my life.

Black, 6’3″, a ripped athlete on the college soccer team.

Blessed by God with a large penis.

Orientation: I love women, but I occasionally like to top men. Started experimented as a bottom when I was 14, then for whatever reason my desires became more dominant at about 18.

College sophomore.

My roommate Evan:

American white guy from the country, had barely seen a black guy before college.

Homophobic but a good guy, down to earth.

6’0″, stocky, ripped, wrestled in college and now does amateur mixed martial arts.

Popular, good looking, but has never been laid. Lacks confidence and has no game.


If you are black, in shape, have a big cock, like to experiment with both sexes, and (most importantly), have a good attitude towards your fellow human beings, you will have as much sex as you want in life. This is the story about my favorite male on male time in college, and the only time I ever fucked my roommate.

I hate labels. If someone tried to define me as gay, straight, bi, or whatever, it would be difficult. I guess “bi” is the best label, if you had to give one. The problem with that particular label is that everyone who calls themselves “bi” is has different tastes. Some are really gay, and some are just really kinky straight guys. It also changes with age. I love women. I always have. I only become emotionally involved with women. After this story and a number of years went by, I was happily married, just as I always knew I would be. I got laid for the first time at 13, when I barely knew what I was doing. When I was 15, I suddenly became curious. My submissive side won out and I gave my first blow job. Within a couple months, I had taken my first penis and tried anal. I loved it. I did it a lot and gained a lot of experience.

When I turned about 18, for reasons I don’t understand, my tastes completely changed. Maybe it was a natural reaction to my increasing physical size and dominance on the athletic field. The truth is, I have no idea. While my love for women stayed the same, suddenly I was not turned on at all by the idea of being on my hands and knees. I switched roles, and now I liked to have the men submit to me. It wasn’t a relationship thing with men. I have fucked many men, but have never kissed one. I just liked to dominate them. I was very honest about this to my partners, and I had men lining up to take me. I had a certain exotic appeal that contributed to my success, with a Latin accent combined with the risque appeal of taking a big black cock. But it was always just a hobby. I had a few relationships with women over the years, and it was always different; more tender and caring.

The men that turned me on the most were inexperienced, masculine men. I enjoyed being their first time. I easily met a lot of people online while in college that fit this criteria. We were young and horny, and many people were just getting to be a little curious. Having been like them when I was younger, I knew exactly what to do and say to turn on bi-curious, submissive men and put them at ease. After a series of patient email exchanges to get to know them, and maybe a couple meetings to let them try oral, I inevitably was able to persuade them to try anal. I consider this a big deal, because for guys that are becoming curious and experimenting for the first time, taking it in the tailpipe is a huge, very taboo first step, and it changes a person forever. As for the act itself, I was very dominant, and I definitely treated men like the submissive people they were. But I was not disrespectful. If I ever took things to the next level and called someone my bitch or whatever, it’s because I knew they wanted to hear it. After the deflowering, we typically parted ways, both satisfied with what we had gotten from the experience, and I moved on to another conquest.

Part 2

I wanted to fuck my roommate from the moment I met him. He was a typical white, homophobic guy from the country. I loved fucking white men more than any other race. It of course played into my slavery fantasies, and I just found the lower half of their bodies more attractive. I’d apologize for my racial preference, but the submissives certainly had their preferences too, and it improved your sex life to admit this to yourself and move on without guilt. Evan’s muscular build combined with the erotic appeal of fucking someone who could beat up every man in school turned me on. If this guy would submit his virginal backside to me, that would be the ultimate experience. Unlike the soft, delicate curves of women that I loved, for a man to make me take notice, his ass needed to be fit and strong. It needed to look like the last thing in the world it would do is allow my penis inside. But with Evan, I knew it would never happen. He was completely straight, and as a Mixed Martial Arts fighter, he had too much to lose if anyone knew he was experimenting. So we were just good friends with a lot of other stuff in common, but our social circles were different. We were both athletic but did different sports, and I kept my bisexual life secret.

This delicate balancing act came to a crashing halt in January at the start of second semester when Evan came back one Saturday afternoon when he was supposed to be out of town. He was supposed to be in DC for a fight, but the event ran into some legal issues and got canceled. I had connected with a couple online who it turns out I knew from the same dorm. This had only happened to me once where I met someone in person who I did not know from emails that I already knew face to face. But we adjusted okay to the surprise. They were the typical “couple seeking Big Black Cock”. Since the secret was out about our lifestyle inclinations, I made an exception to my rule and had them over to my dorm room to have fun instead of fucking them at their place. I had the music up loud to ensure my suite mates couldn’t hear dialogue. Since it was the middle of the afternoon, nobody would complain of the noise.

I didn’t hear the key when he unlocked the door. I froze when I heard the door slam shut, and I saw Evan gaping at us. I was standing next to my cheap college twin bed, gripping Dan’s hips and fucking him doggy style. An attractive blonde girl named Jennifer was seated on the opposite side, naked with her legs spread. The lady and I looked up, but Dan waited a few seconds before looking until he wondered why I wasn’t driving into his ass anymore. I felt really bad. Dan was on the football team, and he needed to keep this part of his life on the down low.

“What the hell,” Evan said, his face turning red. He looked at the woman, then his eyes froze on the part of my penis outside Dan’s ass. I slowly slid my dick out. His ass, which if I could trust what he said was taking its first cock, hung wide open. I had been fucking him for 15 minutes, and he was fully dilated and used to the penetration. My large cock stood up, slick with lube and erect. Evan was looking at my dick, amazed by how large it was now that he had seen it hard for the first time. He had seen me naked enough to know I had a huge flaccid dick and a small tattoo of a flag right next to it, which he probably recognized as that of Brazil. My entire pubic area was shaved smooth, making me appear perhaps even larger. When Dan’s poor asshole gaped open huge for a few seconds, I know Evan had seen this before too, just with women in porn.

I won’t go into detail about what happened, but Evan was an ass about it. He went off, called me racist shit, and stormed out. I stayed cool and tried to put myself in his shoes, mostly apologetic to him and embarrassed, and begged him not to tell anyone. This college was more accepting of this kind of behavior, but if word got out, it would still be bad, especially for Dan.

After the events in this story, Evan relayed to me a lot of his feelings at the time, which I will insert into the story. Evan and I didn’t talk much at all for a couple months, then two key things had started to change by March. First, he couldn’t get the image out of his head of that guy on his hands and knees, seemingly enjoying the penetration. Secondly, he realized he had been a complete ass to judge me like this. To my surprise he asked me to have a couple beers with him, and he apologized. He even asked a few questions, seemingly unable to understand how he had seen me do so well around the ladies, then be caught fucking a man. I explained as best I could how I could like women and occasionally still fuck men for fun. I had no idea he was a little interested himself, which I would find out later.

I hoped he thought I was a pretty good guy. Maybe I was a kinky sex addict, but I was from a poor family and worked my way through college. I treated people with respect, and I volunteered for a lot of charity work. People seemingly held me in high regard. So without sounding arrogant I hope, let’s just say I think I had some redeeming qualities. After a couple beers he asked me. “Bob, I don’t get it. Are you gay? Are you bi? You can have any women you want.”

After affirming the conversation would stay between us, I explained, “I’m not gay, man. I like to dominate people, and fucking a guy in the ass is a way to appeal to that part of my personality. That girl with me was his girlfriend. He’s not gay either, he’s just very kinky and submissive. I was helping them with a fantasy of theirs. First I fucked her, then I did him in front of her. There’s a whole alternative lifestyle where the lines are blurred, and people like you sometimes just don’t get it. You’d also be surprised to know for every one of me, there’s three guys like Dan that like to take it. Or at least that’s the way it seems here.”

We didn’t talk more about it, but at least we had an understanding, and I didn’t get the cold shoulder treatment from him anymore. We were cordial.

Right about that time in March, we had a bad break-in at the room next to us in the same suite in the dorm. My roommate and I were pissed, because we are both the kind of people that would enjoy having that happen if only we could catch the person doing it. I programmed my web cam to my iPhone in our dorm room. Now my computer could see the entire room, would record a certain amount of the latest footage, and with the IP address I could view it in real time from anywhere with my phone. If anyone broke into our room, they were screwed. To be fair, my roommate knew we had done this. I just didn’t tell him when he resumed his masturbation habit and forgot I could see him.

Part 3 Caught

I didn’t ever jerk off thinking about men. I thought about women on those rare instances when I did enjoy pleasuring myself. By my sophomore year, I had developed enough connections to where my penis was pretty much always satisfied inside someone else’s body versus my hand, whether that body was a woman, her boyfriend, or some bi-curious man giving his first blow job to someone (me) he had met online. My roommate became the first man I jerked off thinking about. I saw him pleasure himself in the room while I was away. He did this once or twice a day, and the timing was very predictable. He had a great body and was very masculine. He did it differently each time, and my favorite was when he faced his bed and stood jerking, so his strong ass faced my web cam I’d fantasize about coming in and bending him over the bed. He had a nice penis. I wasn’t particularly attracted to any penis. For me it was the ass and the mind game of fucking a man that turned me on. But I did note he was a little over average size, but still way below my size. A larger penis made him more masculine, which did turn me on. The size of the penis on the man I had bent over taking my cock was irrelevant to the act itself since he wasn’t penetrating me, but it still mattered. I liked them big.

The big surprise cam in April. Unknown to me, Evan was very curious after seeing Dan enjoy being anally penetrated, while still seemingly happily heterosexual. He touched his asshole while masturbating in that curious, “I wonder what it would be like to insert something” way for the first time, and I was watching the night he did it. When I was at practice, he made good use of the alone time. Two days later he got drunk one night when I was gone for the night and used soap as a lubricant to insert a finger into his anus. It seemed to hurt but feel great too judging by the look on his face. His ass was so tight the first time, it took forever for him to relax it. I remember how I did the same thing years before. He stuck to one finger while masturbating for a couple weeks, becoming more seasoned at controlling the muscles and accommodating a digit. I didn’t see him each time, and one time I looked and noticed he had shaved his asshole and balls for the first time. I didn’t know that he had placed an online order for a few key toys needed to really take things to the next level.

In the first week of May, I was supposed to be home for the weekend to study for exams. My parents lived about 30 minutes away, and I returned often. I liked the solitude there to study, and I took the real purpose of college seriously. Evan’s package had arrived that Friday, so Saturday night, dateless, he had the room to himself to experiment. He had read a lot about anal sex and was ready. After a few beers to get him primed, he couldn’t ignore the package on his desk any more.

I checked my web cam right when he started by taking a disposable enema in the center of the room. I couldn’t believe my eyes, and my dick got hard immediately. I was surprised he tried it in the room. We had a common bathroom in a suite with three other rooms. But he apparently got lucky and had no issues getting to the bathroom in time. I got in my car and began to drive, the phone in my GPS mount so I could watch.

He had also ordered real lube, which was much better than the soap and Vaseline he had been using masturbating. After fingering himself, he took out the first toy, a slender vibrator. Despite being the biggest thing ever to enter his ass the wrong way, it slipped in no problem with the help of lube and vibrations. It felt great. I could tell by the look of satisfaction in his face. He just sat there flowing it in and out for about 20 minutes, getting hornier and hornier as his ass loosened. But he knew he had to take the next step to really understand what anal was all about.

To this point, Evan had still not had any thoughts about being with a man. For him, it was just the fun of playing with his asshole. I didn’t know this, but I was aware of the possibility. I wasn’t yet confident I could pull off the seduction. He didn’t want anyone else to do it to his ass, he wanted to be in charge so far and do it to himself. But he was also beginning to realize he did have a strong repressed submissive side also, which grew every minute the vibrator stayed inside his anus.

I was out of the car now and had slipped into the dorm’s TV lounge, empty on a weekend night like this. Everyone was out. I sat against the back wall so if someone came in, my roommate would still have privacy.

Evan went to the box and opened the final toy. I enjoyed the view of his asshole before he stood, shiny with lube but still looking tightly quenched and quite virginal. My jaw dropped. Even on the tiny screen, I could see it well. It was a very large, realistic black dildo. It looked huge, as big as me probably. I wondered briefly if he had done this before, but I realized he had not since he just opened it. If he had another toy, he’d be using it already. Evan arched his eyebrows and smiled slightly. While I stared transfixed to the screen, I knew I had to act. This is what Evan would take his cherry with. In minutes he would be squatting or backing up against the large dildo, the suction cup holding it fast to whatever surface he chose as he took his own virginity. I didn’t want to miss a chance to get inside him first and do the honors. I was taking a huge risk trying to seduce him, but the fact that the dildo he chose was large and black gave me hopes. I had to try. I had a cleaned out, horny virgin in my room who wanted dick.

The dildo was a little big for his first time, but Evan wanted the experience to be memorable. He made a mental note to hide it well later from me to avoid huge embarrassment. He had been thinking all week about how to do it. He used the suction cup to place it on the side of his twin bed on the rail. He would get in doggie style with his feet under the bed and back onto the large phallus. His ass was plenty well lubed from the half hour of using the vibrator, but he added a lot more to the dong itself. Just as he was about to get into position, he heard my key being inserted into the door lock. I clicked the volume button on my phone, triggering the ring tone and making it seem like someone was calling me, then answered it and had about a thirty second fake conversation before entering. I watched with amusement on my phone as Evan jumped up and grabbed the dildo and threw it in the closet, lubed up and all. His bathrobe was on my bed, so he quickly put it on just as I entered. I made sure he saw me lock the door behind me.

“How you doing?” he asked. We made small talk. He seemed natural, acting like he didn’t just get caught jerking off. I started taking off my clothes. I explained to him that I had a hot date at the last minute and was going to shower then leave. He was relaxed and in a good mood I noticed, probably from the alcohol. I pushed my luck and got completely naked, but instead of doing it with a towel by my tiny closet door, I stood in the middle of the room and looked into the mirror at myself. I had just shaved completely bare that morning.

“I am getting laid tonight, buddy,” I said enthusiastically. I asked, “What do you think of the shaved look? Will the ladies like it?” I continued to look in the mirror and not at him to keep the pressure off. Of course he had seen me before, prepping for a shower or when he had walked in on me having sex before. But this time he was looking directly at me less than ten feet away in good light. By expertly asking him if the ladies would like it, I was allowing him to look at me and potentially become aroused in a non-threatening way.

He surprised me only a little when he answered the question. “I was thinking of doing that myself. It’s a good look. Makes you look huge.” He paused. “I mean that in a heterosexual way of course,” he added.

“Of course, I know,” I said. Then I looked at his desk. He had left out the lube. “Nice lube,” I said. He realized his mistake and turned red almost instantly. I was facing the mirror, but I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, and he met my gaze.

“Shit,” he said. I knew he was thinking of how to explain this. Maybe as a masturbatory aid. Maybe he was going to be with a woman later who didn’t self-lubricate enough. But I acted before he could think of some plausible come-back. I went to his closet and reached in and pulled out the black dildo. He closed his eyes in embarrassment. “I can explain.”

Apr 09

DL in the Dorm (Gay Sex Story)

DL in the Dorm Chapter 1 By Al Bro

My name is Andre (Dre) I transferred to Skillman College after my freshman year. I moved into the dorm yesterday. I can never forget the moment when I walked into the dorm. The strong, masculine, funk assaulted my nose when I first walked through the door. Today is Sunday and since I don.t have a TV in my room I went down to the lobby area to watch the football games with the rest of my dorm mates. There were about 7 guys lounging around watching the many college football games. As I walked in I saw this brother sitting on one of the couches. He was about 5″11, 180 lbs., light brown skinned with a taper fade. The thing that captivated me about him was his goatee. Dude was sexy as hell and the scraggly hair under his chin made it look like he had a little thug in him. I had to catch myself so that I wouldn.t get clocked staring at dude. After hours and hours of watching game after game I decided I had had enough and I went upstairs to my room. After struggling to get my key in the door I finally got the door open. Out of the corner of my eye I see the sexy guy from downstairs opening the door catty-corner across the hall from me. “Hey man wassup, he bellows out while giving me some dap (handshake) I saw you downstairs my name is Cardell.” I had a hard time trying not to smile because homeboy sounded Bama as hell. “Aiight man my name is Dre.” “Where are you from dawg? I.m from Buna, Texas and I.m a walk-on on the football team.” “I.m from Houston man. I.m a big city boy. I never heard of Buna it.s a lil small country town man its about a two hour drive from here.” I never had believed in love at first sight but something about dude had me turned the fuck on. About halfway through the semester Cordell asked me if he could use my meal card because his was suspended. He didn.t pay his latest installment owed to the school so they cut off his meal card. I let him use my card for a week. “Dayum man I sho appreciate you letting me use your card. Coach finally came through with a partial scholarship so now I.m straight.” “That’s good man.” I said snatching my meal card out of his hand. I slid all of my books off the bed so I could sit down. “Why did you do that man? I can.t believe that you would be that nice to me.” I am starting to get hella uncomfortable because I swear dude is flirting with me. He is so close to my face I can smell the big red gum he is chewing. His breath smells so sweet. Dayum!!! Suddenly we hear keys rattling in my door. Its my roommate Petey. His name is not really Petey but every one calls him that because he has a birthmark under his eye. Kinda like the dog Petey from the little rascals. We both jump apart as my roommate opens the door.
“Wassup Petey!” Cardell yells out. “Sup Nigga, That was a hellified game y’all played last night.” “Yeah man we did a lil sumpin sumpin. Imma holla at you Dre. Thanks again for letting me use your meal card.” “Anytime man you know we brahs gotta stick together.” Damn why would my roommate pick that moment to come home. Later that week Cardell and his boy Marcus were chillin in my room. We were just playing around and Cardell yells out to me “Suck my dick!” I’m like “Pull that Muthafucka out.” So Cordell stands up on my bed and says, “Come here.” Marcus looks at me like I.m crazy and says, “Man yall be buggin.” I walk over to Cordell and when I get close to him he purposely looses his footing and falls out of the bed. We all crack up laughing. Then my roommate Petey comes in and tells me that he is moving into a private room. He tells me that since its mid semester they won.t assign me another roommate so I will have a room all to myself too. The following weekend the whole two floors of my dorm were deserted. Cordell, Ray Ray and myself were the only people still left in the dorm. Ray Ray worked the graveyard shift at UPS so at night even he would not be in the dorm. Cardell knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to ride to the 7-11. I was like sure. At the store I got a soda, chips and a foot long hot dog. I think the clerk must have just put the hot dogs on the grill because mine was still raw after I took a bite. After we get back to the dorm Cardell is standing in his door way and he is rubbing on his dick. He tells me I don.t know why you bought that raw hot dog. He slowly rubs his dick and winks at me and says “you could have got one that was cooked.” He goes into his room and before he can close his door good I am ringing his phone. “What did you mean by that?” “You know what I meant Nigga” “Dawg quit playing” “Can I fuck you?¡± I can.t believe my ears. This Nigga who is a defensive back on the football team just came on to me. I never would have guessed that he got down. I am in so much shock that I am speechless. “Well man wassup?” “Nigga quit playing you on some Bullshit.” “Unlock your door and I will come over and you never did answer me.” “Naw dawg you cant fuck me but I will suck on it” I get up and I unlock the door. I still feel like he is playing with me and is going to come into my room and scream SIKE!!!
I hear my doorknob turning and this Nigga comes in wearing an Ecko velour warm-up. He turns off all of the lights in my room. Then he turns off my radio. I am sitting on the edge of the bed and he pulls out his dick. It is hard as a rock and it has veins popping out all around it. I take my tongue and lick around his fat head. Then I take his dick in my mouth and I fellate him as gently as I possibly can. “Suck my balls yo get em wet.¡± I take his balls and put both of them in my mouth. I look up at this Nigga’s face and he looks like a thug angel. He has absolutely no body fat. After he takes off his top I can see that he has a flawless 6 Pac. This Nigga is so fine I would suck his Daddy’s dick. I am still tripping. I can.t believe this is really happening. After I finish tea bagging his balls he asks me. “Will you swallow it yo?” “I will do whatever you want me to do man” I never fucked around with a dude since I had been in college. I always said that whenever I got one I was going to freak him good to make sure that he comes back for more. I am trying my best not to gag as I slide his thick pipe into the deep receptacle that is my throat. I notice that his leg muscles are tensing up. The next thing I know his babies are flooding my throat. I swallowed all of his nut. I was surprised because it tasted so good. I thought it would taste awful. At the time of his nut I felt like I was in control. I was on top of the world even though I was in a submissive role. Cordell changed as soon as he climaxed. We had become real good friends over the past few months. After we had this first sexual contact our friendship would never be the same. From the moment this boy bust into my hungry mouth. He stopped being the sweet, adorable friend and became an incredible asshole. He gave me a look of disgust and said ¡°Nigga you are weak.¡± He put back on his clothes and slammed the door loudly on his way out. The next day I was sitting downstairs in the lobby watching the news and Cardell walks up to me and loudly says, “Suck my dick” and starts laughing obnoxiously. All week long every time he would see me he would say it loudly and laugh. It was like an inside joke that we secretly shared. I felt humiliated every time he said it and I didn’t see anything funny. He seemed to take pleasure in humiliating me. I had no idea what further humiliations he had in store for me. The next time I saw Cardell I told him I was ready for round two. He said that on Friday night after his football game it would be on. He asked me if he could fuck me this time. I was like “yeah Dawg I guess.”
DL in the Dorm Chapter 2 Thank God it.s Friday. I thought this day would never come. I have been thinking about me and my boy Cardell hooking up after his game all week. I have heard that athletes don.t like to have sex before a game so I guessed that.s why Cardell was making me wait until Friday. I went to the game with Cardell.s boy Marcus. Marcus plays on the basketball team he is about 6. 6¡± light cinnamon colored skin with dreds. It goes without saying that homeboy is fine as hell. One day he tells me to come talk to him when he was taking a shower. I know that sounds kind of suspect but I didn.t read anything into it. I did get a chance to peep his goods. He has a fat, 10 inch uncut dick. It was very hard for me not to stare at it. It was a beautiful dick. His dick had the same cinnamon color as the rest of his body. His dick was also much larger than Cardell.s. Marcus and I went to the game and it was like a big social event. We hardly stayed in the stands we were walking around the whole stadium checking out the females. Since Marcus was on a team quite a few girls were trying to holla at him. The white girls were especially riding his jock. We went back into the stands in time to see Cardell intercept the ball and score a touchdown which won the game. The fans erupted and the celebrations were already on. Marcus and I later went to the after party one of the fraternities was throwing after the game. This fraternity was known for its trashcan punch. It was a red fruit punch that had cut up pieces of fruit floating on top. The fruit had been soaked in grain alcohol for a week. It was rumored that eating about 4 pieces of the fruit alone was enough to get you intoxicated. The punch was like liquid courage because I became very aggressive. I would not take no for an answer when I asked a girl to dance. We were dancing wildly grinding and winding like we were in a bedroom room and not a dance floor. I was dancing with a real pretty girl and I noticed that Cardell is right next to me dancing with this skeezer named Brenita Brown. Brenita has a reputation of being a football groupie. She has a big booty with a small waist and her trademark is her weave. I am watching Cardell grind up on her and it is turning me on watching his ass moving like he is sexing her. I keep thinking that later tonight he will be grinding into me. I can hardly wait. Marcus and I return the dorm and before we made it back he called on Earl (threw up) at least three times. I was really fucked up on the trash can punch my self. I left Marcus to run to the bathroom. We got back a little after 2 am and I am waiting for Cardell to get to his room. About 3 a.m. I hear his door open and I look through the space under my door and I can see his feet enter his room then he closes the door. I am all excited thinking he will be knocking on my door soon. I look out of peephole and I see a shadowy figure tiptoeing down the hall. With all of the hair on her head it.s not hard for me to see that it is Brenita. She lightly knocks on Cardell.s door he opens and quickly lets her in. I get back on my hands and knees to look through the opening under my door and I can see that the lights are out in Cardell.s room. I rush to my phone and I call his room
repeatedly but he never answers. I am so furious and still quite drunk so I go across the hall and I beat on his door like I.m the KGB. He doesn.t answer the door just like he didn.t answer the phone. I go back into my room. I am too keyed up to go to sleep. About 20 minutes later I can hear the bed squeaking very loudly in Cardell.s room. I am so furious that I want to knock his door off its hinges. The next thing is think about is an image that was hard for me to erase from memory. The image is the sight of Marcus. dick. I call Marcus. room and after about 7 or 8 rings someone picks up the line. ¡°Marcus wassup man this is Dre. Can I suck your dick?¡± After a pregnant pause the phone is slammed down. Then a second later my phone rings and when I answer someone slams the phone down again. I am so frustrated that I take matters into my own hands to relive some of the tension. About 3: 30 am I hear Cordell.s door open and I quickly get down on the floor to look through the opening. I see Brenita sneaking out of the room. I watch her go down the stairs and I see her get into a silver mustang in the parking lot. I write down her license plate because revenge is sweet. Especially sweet when I put a snickers bar in her gas tank a week later but that.s another story. I call Mr. Cardell and he answers the phone sounding like he was asleep. ¡°Cardell why didn.t you answer the door or the phone when I called?¡± ¡°I just got home Dawg¡± ¡°Cardell I know you just finished fucking that skeezer. That.s nasty I heard she has fucked half the team.¡± ¡°What are you talking about I just got in my room¡± ¡°Nigga I just saw that Mop Head Brenita sneaking out of your room. I heard the bed squeaking and the bitch moanin. ¡°Do you think I.m a faggit?¡± ¡°No Dawg I Just thought you was going to be fucking me tonight. I saw you win the game.¡± ¡°You saw it wasn.t that sweet¡± ¡°Can I suck your dick?¡± ¡°Naw man I just got about 4 nuts. I.m tired and I.m going to sleep¡± I slammed down the phone and passed out with my pants down at my ankles. The next morning I hear someone beating on my door relentlessly. I am so hung over and my head is just throbbing. I don.t want to get up but I reluctantly open the door. I see Ray Ray standing there. ¡°Dawg I gotta talk to you¡± ¡°Man I feel like roasted, toasted shit¡± ¡°Yeah we all got drunk last night. I.m tripping because Marcus passed out last night. Me and three of my boys had to carry that tall nigga and put him in his bed. When you called him last night that was me who answered his phone. I was tripping that you were so drunk. I told everybody in the dorm what you did. I can.t believe you was that drunk dawg.
¡°I thought you was my boy. You told everybody man?¡± ¡°Yeah dawg I told everybody that it was because you were so fucked up¡± As if on cue my phone rings and it.s Cardell and he is asking me to come into his room. I go across the hall and two of Cardell.s teammates that I don.t know are in his room. He introduces me to them. I give them both some dap and I look at Cardell and he has this sinister grin on his face. ¡°So Dre you asked Marcus to suck his dick last night?¡± I.m cold busted I can.t look him in his face so I look down at the floor. Cardell then busts out laughing. I can.t believe he asked me that in front of his teammates. He has totally humiliated me in front of his boys. I glance at their faces as I rush out of the room and they are both frowning at me. I run into my room and slam my door.
DL in the Dorm Chapter 3 I go into my room and slam the door. I can’t believe Cardell did that to me it was not cool. He fronted me hard in front of some his football teammates. I realized that he is pissed and probably jealous that I came on to his homeboy last night. That was not right but I was pissed because he ended up screwing the Campus hoochie mama when he should have been boning me. The phones rings and speak of the devil its Cardell. “Since you like sucking dick so much me and my boys want you to come back and suck us off.” “Are you for real” “Yeah we fixin to jack off and they want you to come catch these nuts. So wassup you wanna do it?” ¡°I don’t know about all that man.” “You see my boys are tight and the tall one has a big ass dick.” “Naw man I think I’ll pass. I didn’t know that you had friends like that on the team.” “I’m just fuckin with you man. Them Niggas left about 10 minutes ago.” “That’s fucked up. You got jokes.” “I wanted to see if you would do it. I was testing your bitch ass” “That’s not cool Cardell. I also don’t appreciate you frontin me in front of your teammates. Them Niggas don’t know me now if they see me on the yard they will
think I’m a fag.” ¡°Nobody told you to try to suck Marcus’ dick. I thought you and that Nigga might be fuckin. Have you fucked around with him before?” “Cardell you on some bullshit. I don’t even think Marcus gets down. He is your homeboy you know that Nigga is not even like that. You know him better than I do” ” I just have noticed you and him have been spending a lot of time together.” “Well you don’t ever hang out with me. You always with some of your teammates. You know that y’all act like football players can only hang with football players.” “So did you get Marcus drunk so you could try to suck his dick?” “Did you get Brenita drunk so she could suck yours? I hope you used protection fuckin that nasty ho. I aint trying to get no yeast infection in my mouth Nigga” “I don’t want you fuckin with no other Nigga but me. If you wanna fuck a gal fine.” “I was drunk and so horny last night. I waited all week and you ended up fuckin worm head. I don’t want you fuckin her anymore.” “You are making my dick hard come suck it” “I’m still mad at you.” “Hurry up and come before I change my mind.” “Unlock your door” I look down the hallway and make sure that the coast is clear and I quickly enter Cardell’s room. He has all of the lights off. He has about 20 candles surrounding his bed. The candles are from Pier One and their spicy peach scent is intoxicating. Cardell tells me to take off my clothes and lie on the bed. He then takes some strawberry flavored lube and drizzles it in the crack of my ass. He tells me to turn over and suck him and he hands me a strawberry flavored condom. I take his fat head out my mouth and I slowly roll the red condom on his throbbing dick. He dribbles some of the lube on his dick and he tells me to taste it. Then he turns me over on my stomach and slowly tries to enter me. At first my ass tightens up in alarm. He is not able to get his thick head inside me. He then slowly and sensuously starts to lick my back. This is an erotic sensation that I have never experience before and it is really turning me on. He tells me to relax and that he is not going to hurt me. After two more tries he is able to finally enter my love tunnel. He fucks me slowly for two whole hours. Not once does he jerk or jab his dick in me. He fucks me slow and deliberately. I have never had a Nigga be gentle with me. They usually would want to fuck real fast and come fast too. He makes love to me gently this is not a fuck but a lovemaking fest. I didni¢¯¨öt know that sex could be gentle and I’m am catching feelings because this Nigga is being so passionate. He begins to speed up his pace and he tells me he is about to cum. His dick is just throbbing inside me and it’s hard to describe what I’m feeling but it’s the most wonderful feeling that I have ever felt. His dick is the perfect match for my ass. He has broken down my walls and it.s like my ass has melted around his dick. My whole body is tingling with each thrust. His dick is hitting my prostate and with each thrust I can feel electricity shooting through my entire body. He yells I’m cummin and my dick begins to shoot its seed at the same time. This has never happened to me
before. We had a mutual orgasm. I am feeling like the universe is complete since we are now joined together. I thought it was love at first sight but I know that I love this Nigga for real now. “Get the Fuck out.” “You trippin Cardell. You just made beautiful love to me.” “You think I’m gonna lay next to you and hold you now? Why aren’t you gone already?” “I am not going to let you treat me this way” “You nutted on my sheets Nigga???” “You made me cum and that’s never happened to me before damn that shit felt good.” “Why were you shivering like that when I was fucking you? Don’t do that shit again. It was annoying.” “I had no control over that. My whole body was shivering. Your dick is that good.” “You are going to have to go wash my sheets now. Put on your clothes and get the fuck out of my room.” I put on my clothes but I am not leaving. Cardell then takes and lifts me up over his head like I’m a barbell he opens his door and he throws me down and slams me into my door. Doors start opening up and down the hallway after they hear the commotion. Niggas start piling into the hallway when they realize there is a fight going on. I am mad as hell because he slammed me into the door. I am fighting mad because this Nigga just fucked me so good then he starts trippin. “Dawg you don’t want to fight me I’m stronger that you. I don’t want to hurt you Dre you know I can. You better get out of my face.” I’m not backing down I am fighting mad. I am mean mugging something fierce. I am about to hit Cardell when Marcus grabs me and drags me into my room. “Wassup man why y’all beefin?” Marcus asks looking at me all concerned. “That Nigga is trippin. He might be bigger than me but I will kick his azz.” “Calm down Dre I aint ever seen you act like this before.” “I’m straight dawg” just then the phone rings. “What you in there doing suckin Marcus’ dick or sumpin? You still have to wash my sheet beyotch” I slammed the phone down on Cardell. I decide that I am not going to speak to him for a while. He has really pissed me off. I avoid him as much as possible for the next two weeks. He gets mad as hell because whenever he does see me he speaks to me and I look at him like he is crazy and keep moving. I definite don’t plan on giving him none because he doesn’t know how to act. He has no clue what is going on because I haven’t explained to him that I am not talking to him but I am sure by now that he has figured it out. I am in the dining hall and just as I am coming out the line he corners me “wassup Dawg?” We are in public and there are nosey people all around. If I don’t acknowledge him someone might put two and two together. He thinks he is slick so rather than cause a scene and embarrass both of us I say “wassup man” He is grinning so big because he feels like he has won.
Later that night I am in my room studying and I hear a loud thump on my door. It’s not a knock but a loud thump. After a second or two I hear it a gain Thump…Thump…Thump… I open the door and Cardell is across the hall doing chin-ups in the doorway across from mine. He was swinging his long legs and thumping his feet on my door. After I open the door he swings into my doorway and in his sexiest voice says, “Suck my thang.” I roll my eyes at him but dang it’s been two whole weeks and both of us are horny as hell. I tell him to shut the door and I have his dick in my mouth so fast. I had forgot how big his dick actually is. I am deep throating him and trying not to gag when says “Eat my ass” He looks at me as though he doesn’t expect me to do it. But I push him down on the bed and put his legs up and I eat his ass like I haven’t eaten in weeks. I don’t think he has ever actually had his ass eaten out before. He starts moaning loudly “Cardell be quiet man Do you want the whole dorm to know we fuckin.” “That shit feels good man keep doing it. I want you to swallow my nut too.” I go back to sucking his dick and I swallow every drop of his cum. Every time we have sex from this point on he insists that I eat his ass and swallow his cum. He makes it mandatory. “Sit on my dick” I put a condom on his dick and I get up on the balls of my feet and slide his hard dick into my hole. I feel his dick hit my prostate with each thrust as I am riding him. After I get a rhythm going my ass just melts on his dick and I feel electricity surging through my body. I am riding him like a cowboy at the Rodeo when unexpectedly my dick shoots a spurt of cum that land on Cardell.s chest right above his nipple. My gun is trigger-happy and more spurts of cum follow. I am totally shocked. We are both frozen I can.t believe his dick made me cum like that. After a long pregnant pause Cardell screams, “Get this shit off of me. And if you spill just one more drop of cum on me I swear I am kicking your ass. Hurry up bitch and get yo nasty shit off of me” I pull his dick out of me and I rush to get a wet towel to clean my jizz off of his chest. I don’t understand how he wants me to swallow his cum but he doesn’t even want mine to touch him. How fucked up is that? I clean him off and he is looking at me like I have spilled toxic waste on him. “You would spoil a wet dream,” he says as he gets up and gets dressed. He opens my door and makes sure that no one is in the hall and can see him sneaking out of my room.
DL in the Dorm Chapter 4 I am so mad at Cordell I haven.t talked to him in 3 whole weeks. I went and knocked on his door and when he opened the door and saw it was me he slammed the door in my face. I was trying to tell him that I had talked to an alumnus who wanted to hire some football players over the summer. Since he wanted to be so funky I wasn’t telling him anything now. If he thinks he will be climbing on my back I got news for him. It.s been three weeks so naturally I am hornier than I usually am. I was shocked when this football player asked me if I could help him study for a chemistry exam. His name is Darren. He is about 6′ 3″ 220 lbs. Smooth dark chocolate skinned. He came to my room and every 10 minutes Cordell was knocking on my door. I was so embarrassed. Cordell was really jealous and I kinda liked that but it was hard for us to study with so many interruptions. Cordell knocks on my door again and he throws some porno mags of mine that he had borrowed onto my bed. These mags are very explicit. The cover of most had these hung black guys sexing some busty females. I was so embarrassed I quickly slid the magazines in a drawer. “Why does your boy keep knockin on the door man?” Darren asks me with a serious look on his face. “He is trippin man these Nigs don.t take studying seriously” “Yeah in the football Dorm where I live they say go to the library if you want to study” “Do you know my Boy he is on the Team with you” “I don.t really Know him but he’s a defensive back” “Yeah that.s right he.s a DB.” “Well I’m going to hit it man I appreciate your help.” “Anytime man we Brahs have to stick together. Call me anytime you need help” “You really mean anytime” he says while staring at me quite intensely. I guess that he might be flirting with me but I play it off. Cordell is standing in the hallway when we open my door. Darren gives him the silent nod but Cordell just ignores him as soon as he is gone Cordell is all up in my face. “Did you fuck that Nigga?’ “Cordell I don.t feel like putting up with your shit.” “I think y’all were fuckin. You haven.t given me none in weeks.” “After you slammed your door in my face you didn’t deserve none.” “You mean that’s what you were mad about?” “I’m still mad” “I had been trying to talk to you. There’s something that we need to talk about you always ignored me every time I tried to talk to you.” “What could be so important?” “You need to sit down before I tell you.”
I get a very serious look on my face and sit on my bed. “I am leaving school next week. I only have a partial football scholarship and I can.t afford to stay in school.” ¡°There is no way you can stay?” “There.s something else that I have to tell you. I asked Brenita to marry me. She is going to have my baby” “I can’t believe you are you serious?” Tears are starting to cascade down my face. “I always thought that you would marry me Cardell. Do you know how much I love you???” “Two men can’t get married boy you are crazy. I know that you love me though it still surprises me but I really know how much you care for me. “Why does it have to be Worm head? After you marry her don.t think you will be creeping with me. I will respect your marriage. I will always love you Cardell no matter what. I also hope that you will not be mean to her sometimes you have a mean streak” Cardell stands me up and he wipes the tears from my eyes with his thumbs and for the very first time he kisses me. I can.t stop crying. Cardell tells me that if we aren.t going to sex after he gets married we will have to get it out of our systems before his wedding day. He turns out all of the lights and makes the most passionate love he has ever made to me. I can.t stop crying and it.s so bittersweet knowing that my days of making love to Cardell are numbered.
DL in the Dorm Chapter 5 It.s been a couple of weeks since Cardell has left school so I have been lonely and horny as hell. I have been very active on campus to take my mind off my situation. I have been going to student government meetings every week and participating in several campus organizations and activities. You would think that would help me meet more people but so far it isn.t working. I still hang out with the basketball player Marcus quite a bit. One day after class he drug me to the outdoor basketball court and he forced me to play. He insisted that the opposite team just had to have one more player. Its not that I.m not athletic because I am. I.m just very shy and these are some of the finest Niggas. It is over. Every day they are out here on the court after class I could slap myself for not being hip to this. I have seen some of the guys on my team around campus. I am trying my best not to stare but these boys are so fine and they are every shade of the rainbow. Some of the Nigga.s prints are so obvious in their shorts. A Bitch feels like she has died and gone to heaven. I am racking my brain because I know somebody out here gets down. I am really trying to figure out who is who. Know what I mean? Marcus is the most controversial player on the court. He is the proverbial shit talker. He is very overbearing and in every one.s face. ¡°Dawg you need to git you nerdy ass back in the books this is my house and you need to man up. Git that weak shit outta here. He is pushing me aggressively but get around him and pop the rock and score two points. ¡°Your House my azz. I.m here to redecorate then. I score two more times and I am surprised that I am playing so well. Marcus is just sickening. He is way more aggressive than I even knew him to be. The Nigga got game and he makes sure that everybody knows it. I kinda feel funny because I could really see someone try to fuck him up because he is so in your face with his skills. Haters will always try to bring somebody down to size. Darren (the football player) is playing on the team with Marcus he is 6.3¡± and dark chocolate. Marcus is 6.6¡± and light cinnamon colored. After I have scored three buckets in a row they are both double teaming me and our sweaty bodies are in constant contact. It.s too much for me to handle. Marcus. team ends up winning the game by one point so it was a hard fought battle. Marcus is even more over bearing after winning. ¡°I told you I.m the King on this Court¡± ¡°So why don.t you get any pussy?¡± Darren chides him if I had your skill I would have any shorty on the yard. ¡°Man Fuck you¡± ¡°Don.t fuck me, suck me Do me right!!!¡± ¡°Whatever¡± After the game me and Marcus are chilling in his room watching satellite TV. (Damn these athletes get spoiled) regular students can only get cable. I think I.ll bring that up at the next student government meeting. Since Darren planted a seed in my mind about Marcus not getting any I.m thinking maybe I can help him out in that department. Marcus is wearing some warm-up pants and its hard not the notice the 10 inch monster just sitting in his pants. I remember seeing it in the
shower it was huge and it wasn.t even hard. My mouth is watering and I can.t get the image of his cinnamon colored dick out of my mind. Its not like he is getting any anyway I will be helping him out. ¡°Marcus¡¦¡± ¡°What Nigga don.t disturb me you know how I get into my TV¡± ¡°Can I suck your dick?¡± ¡°Nigga If I was gay I wouldn.t fuck with you¡± Damn that hurt I am humiliated beyond belief. ¡°Git the fuck out my room fag you disgust me¡± I drag myself to my room and I sink back into my lonely depression. I am about to doze off to sleep when the phone rings. ¡°Dre wassup this is Darren¡± ¡°Sup man¡± ¡°Marcus told me what went down¡± ¡°That.s fucked up. I really don.t want to talk about it¡± ¡°Well I do¡¦he wouldn.t let you suck his dick. Do you want to suck mine? I.m not hung like Marcus but I got about 8 and a half¡± ¡°Man I.m so tired of games.¡± ¡°Why you stuntin¡± ¡°I.ll be in your room in 10 minutes.¡± ¡°We.ll see who is stuntin then.¡±
DL in the Dorm Chapter 6 Knock Knock, Knock Knock ¡°I.m coming¡± I am tripping over my feet to get to the door. I rushed and tried to douche before Darren got here. Now I can.t put one foot in front of the other good. I lit some vanilla cake candles and put in a Dorm life DVD just in case. I open the door and Darren walks in looking like a Hershey chocolate bar with nuts. Darren is 6. 3¡± and he is very dark and smooth skinned. There is no hair any where on his body. He is wearing a pair of Nike basketball shorts and a white, wifebeater. The skin on his arms and legs is so smooth it looks like black velvet. The sight of his hairless body and the contrast between his charcoal black skin and the white of his t-shirt is starting to really turn me on. He reaches into his book bag and pulls out some strawberry flavored Cool whip. This will be something new. I can see a big bulge in his shorts straining to be free. He opens the cool whip and puts a dab on my lips then gives me a hot passionate kiss. I reach into his shorts and I pull out a big surprise. He has about 9 ¨ö inches alright but what he failed to tell me was that his dick is uncut. He also has the biggest mushroom head that I have ever seen on a dick. There is skin completely
covering the head. I have never seen an uncut dick before so I am totally fascinated by Darren.s Love tool. He covers the head with a big dollop of the pink cool whip and tells me to suck it off. I start to fellate him gently and his head is so big it is hard to get the whole thing in my mouth. I am just staring at his dick and somehow he could sense my hesitation. ¡°Its ok you call pull the skin all the way down, and unlike some uncut guys I keep it very clean¡± ¡°I think you have a beautiful dick man¡± ¡°You just don.t know how much I dreamed of this happening. Lay on your back on the bed.¡± I do as I am told and Daren smears some the cool whip between my legs and he eats my ass out voraciously. Cardell never ate my ass and I am beginning to see why he liked me to do it so much. The combination of the cold cool whip and Darren.s hot mouth and tongue is driving me up the wall. ¡°Let me eat your ass too man.¡± I take some of the cool whip and put it on Darren.s dick and I suck it off. I am playing with his foreskin and happily sucking his dick. The expression on his face looks like he is in heaven. I then spread some cool whip on his hairless hole and he jumps from the sensation of the cold. I bury my tongue in his ass and he starts to loudly moan. ¡°That Cool whip was a good idea man I never did anything like that before.¡± ¡°Yeah this female turned me on to it¡± ¡°I want you to fuck me man let me get a condom¡± ¡°What you need a condom for. Is there something I should know?¡± ¡°I.m HIV negative man but I only do safe sex¡± ¡°I hate wearing condoms you can.t feel anything with that shit on¡± ¡°You can.t feel anything when you are dead too. It.s like this no glove no love. If you want to get up in this fatty you gotta wear a raincoat cuz.¡± ¡°Aiight dog but only because you insist. Aint nothing wrong with me though I could still hit it raw you know. I take a magnum condom and roll it down on his unbelievably huge head. He gets me in the doggy style position and he slowly enters my tight hole. He is gently massaging my hole with his dick and then he gets a steady rhythm and he is then plowing in and out of my hole. At one point Darren quickly pulls out and rips the condom off and Dre is totally unaware that when Darren reenters him he is without a condom. Darren is an athlete on the football team so he has a lot of stamina. He fucks Dre for a good 45 or 50 minutes. As big as Darren.s dick is Dre can feel the head swelling up even more right before he comes. The swelling head pushes against Dre.s prostate and both of them scream out as they orgasm both at the same time. Dre has sprayed the bed with his cum right at the same time that Darren reached his peak. Dre then screams in horror when he realizes that Darren has come inside of him. ¡°You Black motherfucker. What the fuck? Where is the condom?¡± ¡°Black Motherfucker??? You trippin Why you calling me that. I pulled that shit off I told you I hate them damn things.¡± ¡°But you didn.t have to nut in me that.s why I am so upset.¡± I did not mean anything by the black comment I really do like dark guys more than anything in this world. But why did you cum in me? Before Darren could answer Dre.s cell phone starts playing Irreplaceable by Beyonce.
¡°Ma you caught me at a bad time can I call you back?¡± ¡°Boy this is your Mama there is no such thing as a bad time when I .m calling¡± ¡°Yes maam, so what.s up ma?¡± ¡°I was talking to our Beaugie Cousin Danny Goodwin yesterday and he told me that his youngest son goes to that same college that you do. I want you to meet him he is your first cousin.¡± ¡°I got a cousin up here Ma what.s his name?¡± ¡°Marcus, Marcus Goodwin do you know him?¡± Dre drops the phone. ¡°Dre does a cat have your tongue?¡± ¡°I.m sorry Ma I dropped my phone. Yeah I know Marcus. He is only the star of the basketball team. Everybody at this whole school knows who he is.¡± ¡°Yeah those Goodwins have always been uppity Negroes. They got a lil money and they have always felt they were better than your run of the mill black folks like us. But I do want to get to know your first cousin. Blood is thicker than water and he is your family baby.¡± ¡°Ok Ma I.m going to have to call you back¡± ¡°What.s going on man?¡± ¡°Oh shit you won.t believe this!!! I just found out that Marcus is my first cousin.¡± ¡°And you were trying to suck that Nigga.s dick that is nasty. He is a close relative like that?¡± ¡°I didn.t know all that at the time man and you still not off the hook with your shit that you pulled. Next time you are gonna have to keep it wrapped up. Nuttin in me is also not allowed. Do we understand each other?¡± ¡°Yeah Dre, Whatever¡±
DL in the Dorm Chapter 7 I am sitting here on pins and needles in the free clinic. I am so nervous because I am about to take a test for HIV. I didn.t want to take the test on campus because I didn.t want people all up in my biz. I am sitting here looking at people praying that I won.t bump into anybody that I know. One cute guy with hazel green eyes was starring me down. I hope he doesn.t get the nerve to try to spit game. I am only here to take my test and get the hell outta dodge. Why would I want to talk to someone that I met at the Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinic? It is some cute boys in here and I am trying to guess what kinda diseases they have. I don.t care how cute they are I.m not trying to catch no disease. The whole reason that I am here is because the day after Darren and I had our first encounter he came over again. You don.t have to ask yeah we had sex again. I.m beginning to think Darren is allergic to condoms because I made him put one on but after about three strokes he pulled it off. He didn.t come in me but I am still paranoid because of his actions. I really like Darren he is sexy as hell and a smart guy too. I just feel that if he is willing to do me raw as he calls it he is probably doing the same thing with another dude or some nasty, stank, females. I.m not crazy I know that athletes are notorious for hoeing around. The nurse calls my name and I am so nervous I am shaking. I scrubbed my arms real good because my Mom always made us do that when we would go to the doctor. She said that when the nurse wipes you down with alcohol the cloth would be black if your arm is not clean. I hate to get shots so I was so surprised when the nurse gave me a stick to rub on the inside of my mouth. That.s all it took for the HIV test. I was all worried about getting stuck for nothing. As I walk out of the examining room you will never guess who I bumped into. ¡°Dre I am surprised to see you in here¡± Brenita Brown with her weave flowing here and there runs up to me causing a big scene. ¡°What are you doing here?¡± she looks at me sheepishly and says, ¡°Uh I kinda caught Chlamydia¡± ¡°What about Cardell does he know about this? Does he have it too?¡± ¡°I haven.t told Cardell yet and please don.t tell him you saw me here¡± ¡°I hope that you don.t tell him you saw me here either.¡± ¡°Cardell just loves him some Dre. He talks about you all the time. He says that you are one of the smartest guys on the yard and that you are his Nigga!!! I didn.t even know that you two were that tight. ¡°Yeah Cardell is my Boy.¡± ¡°I think that is so cool Come here boy and give me a hug¡± before he knows it Brenita has wrapped herself all over Dre. Her hair is all in his mouth and eyes and he is trying to keep a straight face. People in the clinic are starring at the commotion. Dre is totally flustered and embarrassed. This is only the fishbasket who stole his man.
¡°Well Boo I hope that you are alright¡± ¡°Yeah I came here to take a test for HIV¡± ¡°I will be praying for you boo I feel bad that I can.t even tell Cardell that I saw you¡± ¡°Yeah the Chlamydia won.t affect your baby will it?¡± Brenita rubs her stomach and says, ¡°I have to ask the doctor about that.¡± Three days later Dre calls the number for the free clinic, he presses in the patient number and a recorded voice comes on and says your HIV test results are¡¦.
DL in the Dorm Chapter 8 I have just started to feel the burn working out on the Elliptical. I am working out at the new student athletic complex on campus. The facility cost a cool 2 million dollars so it is state of the art and has all of the latest and greatest workout equipment. I love coming here on Saturday mornings because it.s virtually empty and I can rejuvenate in relative peace. Everything in the building is brand spanking new and it.s so comforting in these beautiful azure blue surroundings. I am listening to heart beating gospel on my Ipod and my body has just a slight sheen of sweat. I have a premonition that something big is about to happen and as soon as that thought leaves my mind twenty to forty flashes from cameras are suddenly blinding me. I am surrounded by a crowd of about 40 people screaming and shouting questions at me. ¡°Andre Brower how long have you known that you were gay?¡± I am totally dumfounded did she just ask me what I thought she asked? ¡°Andre how long have you dated quarterback Darren Hodges?¡± ¡°How come you weren.t at his side when he was selected 10th pick in the NFL draft? ¡°How does your family feel about you being gay? ¡°How does it feel to suddenly have instant
wealth?¡± One of the reporters shouts he obviously doesn.t even know what has happened. This attractive blonde reporter gets her TV cameramen to give me a portable DVD player. I see a crystal clear video of Darren receiving a phone call from the Philadelphia Raptors NFL expansion team. Next I see images of Darren and the Head coach and the Teams owner. ¡°I am living my dreams being selected 10 in the NFL draft. I spoke with Tom Brewer the head coach and I shared some information with him that I will now share with you. I am the proud 10th pick in the NFL draft. I also will be the first NFL draft pick in history who has announced that I am gay. I am in a committed relationship with a fellow student here at Skillman College. His name is Andre Brower. The Laws of this state do not allow gay marriage but if it did I would be first in line to legitimize my relationship with Dre. Coach Brewer at first did not want me to make this announcement but I can.t tell you how great it feels to be able to get the weight of this off my shoulders. Coach Brewer is a great man of integrity and he fully supports me with my announcement. I am proud to have the support of my Family and now I.m ready to get down to the business of playing some great Football. The blonde reporter thrusts a microphone in my face and asks me to make a comment¡¦any comment. I am on the verge of tears this is surely a nightmare. ¡°Say something boy!!!¡± her face is completely red. .Excuse me Bitch I said I have no comment.¡± ¡°Your life will never be the same from this point on Andre. You will have to deal with us in the media now for the rest of your life. I am begging you, pleading you for a statement¡± ¡°The only person that I will speak to is Katie Couric. Get all these cameras away from me please. And like I said before I have no damn comment.¡± I start to leave the athletic complex. I am walking slowly and the media throng is following me still shouting deafening questions. Cameras are constantly flashing it.s a total madhouse. I start to run and the reporters take off running after me. I am still waiting for this dream to be over I pinch myself and I suddenly realize that this is not a dream. Darren and I both got the results from our HIV tests. We both were negative (Praise God.) Darren was so scared that he started wearing condoms to completion with me. We have become inseparable and closer than I ever imagined I could get with another male. I had fallen in love with Cardell but that was a big mistake because he could never return the same kind of love that I had to offer. Darren really has turned out to be a near perfect man. The sex alone is just fantastic plus I love him to death. I had always adored Katie Couric on the Today show and I always said that if I ever became infamous for whatever reason I would only talk to Katie exclusively. I never really knew that day would actually come true. ¡°Good evening this is Katie Couric and tonight we have an exclusive interview that will only be available here at CBS news. The unexpected announcement by Darren Hodges that he is gay and favors gay marriage has set off a firestorm of controversy in the world wide world of sports. Darren Hodges reclusive partner Andre Brower has agreed to be interviewed by me and me alone. Andre has
avoided the media completely for the last couple of weeks. This is the first media interview that he has agreed to. Darren, I understand that the Head Coach Tom Brewer tried to talk you out of making your announcement.¡± ¡°Yes Katie he wanted to avoid any unnecessary controversy surrounding the Raptors draft choice. I talked to Coach Brewer and he told me that his oldest son was gay. We had a heart to heart talk and he eventually came around and agreed to let me do what I felt I had to do. The Coach has been nothing short of wonderful to me. Coach Brewer has been compassionate and very noble about my announcement about my sexuality. The NFL has a history of Don.t ASK Don.t Tell when it comes to gay athletes. I know that I am not the first and surely will not be the last NFL football player who is gay. I was the just the first player bold enough to announce it and the NFL will never be the same because of it¡± ¡°Andre the media was surprised to find out that you did not even know that Darren had ¡°outed¡± you during his draft pick acceptance speech. He did not tell you what he was going to do and say?¡± ¡°Well Katie I was working out and I totally forgot that the NFL draft was even going on that Saturday. Darren never told me he was going to make his announcement. It.s good he didn.t tell me because I would have talked him out of it.¡± Darren starts laughing. ¡°It has to be very stressful letting the whole world know that you are gay. How has that affected you?¡± ¡°My whole life has changed Katie. I have always admired you but there are some people in your profession who have made my life a total hell. I can.t go out to eat or do anything normal like I could before I became a household name. They have harassed my family and friends trying to get to me. I didn.t ask for any of this and I just want to be left alone. We also have received death threats and harassing phone calls. On a positive note we have received enormous support from gay rights activists. We also have received an outpouring of love from the white gay community that has been nothing short of amazing.¡± ¡°Darren the number one draft pick has said some very harsh and homophobic statements about you and even campaigned against gay marriage. He is very critical of you. How do you feel about the number one draft pick?¡± ¡°Katie to be honest I feel sorry for the guy. He made some homophobic statements but do you realize that all of the reporters left his press conference to come to mine. I was just the 10th pick and all of the media attention went to me. The reporters were like 1st pick who??? Naturally the guy is upset. I don.t know if the anti gay comments were from his heart or if he was truly upset because not one reporter stayed for his press conference. He got gooped. Its funny now but I sure that I would have been ticked if that had happened to me. I am willing to talk with him to smooth things out. He really needs to be educated about alternative lifestyles. This is a new day in the NFL. My new team, the coach and the owner have all been great to me. A lot of the players wives and girlfriends have even adopted Dre as one of there own. He even socializes with the players. girlfriends and wives. They are teaching him the ropes of being the spouse of a professional
football player. It.s surprising how well he just fit right in. He even has some new Kee Kees with the players. wives. ¡°Kee kee??? Darren what does that mean?¡± ¡°A kee kee is a gay term for a very good friend.¡± ¡°You are right when you say that the NFL will never be the same. Do you have any regrets¡± ¡°No Katie I would do it all over again.¡± ¡°You will be paid 15 million over a three year contract so your life will really really change?¡± ¡°Not just my life but I also will take good care of my family and Dre is part of my family now too.¡± ¡°Andre how did your mother react when she found out your secret?¡± ¡°Moms was great Katie. They say your Mama always knows. She even said that she always figured that I was gay and one day we would be able to talk about it. She also told me that I obviously know how to pick a good man and that she is thrilled.¡± Katie laughs and says that sounds just like my Mom. ¡°Thank you Darren for taking a stand and Andre I am glad that you had the bravery to finally talk to someone in the media. I.m also glad that you would only speak exclusively with me.¡± Dre suddenly breaks out in tears unexpectedly and Katie who as an anchor on the evening news is usually very businesslike goes over to Dre gives him a big hug. To be continued.

Mar 26

Derrick and Sean ( Gay Sex Story)

Derrick and Sean
By:Antavius Stringer
I guess you can say it was meant to be. Derrick Jameson and Sean Hicks were the best of friends ever since kindergarten. Derrick was the shy type, standing at 5‟9”, who hardly talked to people and was always one step behind his pal. Sean was the big shot 6‟2” “thug” who knew everyone. People really never got why the two hung out. Derrick often wondered that, too. I mean, if you knew these guys, you‟d think they weren‟t compatible at all.
Their friendship was extremely strong and never got complicating for them, until one hot summer day. It was the end of June in their peaceful hometown of Tallahassee, Florida. Derrick was at home writing stories on his computer when someone knocked on his window. He pulled up the blinds and saw that it was Sean. He opened the window and let him in.
“Damn,” said Sean, “Why didn‟t you come to the fuckin‟ door when I knocked?”
“I didn‟t hear you.” Derrick responded. “My parents must be gone.”
“They are. Their car is gone.” Sean added right before sitting on Derrick‟s bed.
“Where have you been?”
“I was out hangin‟ with my niggas Junior and B. Why you ain‟t out havin‟ fun or nothin‟?”
“I‟m writing some more stories to add to my collection.”
“Man, that shit is boring.”
Derrick turned around and looked at Sean, who was laying back with his hands behind his head. For some unknown reason, Derrick just felt like getting up on top of Sean. He wanted to kiss all over his beautiful chocolate colored body. He wanted to make Sean moan and tell him he loves him. Derrick snapped out of this daydream when Sean threw a pillow at him.
“Damn nigga, what the fuck you lookin‟ at?” Sean asked in a jokingly way.
“Nothing,” Derrick said, “just daydreaming, that‟s all.”
“Well, you wanna go down to the skating place to try and pick up some gals?”
“Nah, I‟m not in the mood. You can go ahead though.”
“Why you don‟t wanna go? You know I can‟t go nowhere with you, dawg. You my ace.”
“It‟s so hot out there. I‟m not in the mood.”
“Then what do you want to do then?”
“I don‟t know.”
“Let‟s go down to the pool and swim a little.”
“Alright, sounds okay. Let me get my swim trunks.”
Derrick got some swim trunks out of his dresser drawer. Then he and Sean went downstairs and got in Derrick‟s „96 modeled Chevrolet Camaro. Sean didn‟t have a car so whenever they wanted to go somewhere, they had to go in Derrick‟s car. Derrick had no problem with it though. He sort of enjoyed it.
They pulled up to the recreational center a few minutes later and went into the dressing room area to get changed. Once they were done with that, they went outside and jumped into the pool; which was overly crowded with people. Sean kept diving under the water and pinching girls on the butt and stuff like that. Derrick just sat back and laughed at his buddy playing jokes. That‟s the way things were with them back then. Nothing strange or weird had ever taken affect on the way they were. Sean dove back into the water and pinched more girls. Then all of a sudden, he pinched Derrick. At first, Derrick was startled but then he eased back. Sean‟s underwater pinch turned into an underwater fondle. Sean‟s hand began to go into Derrick‟s trunks and feel his ass. Derrick didn‟t know what to do. He quickly pushed Sean‟s hand away and swam over to the steps and got out. He ran into the dressing room and sat down. Sean got out of the pool and came in after him.
“What was that all about?” Derrick asked.
“I‟m sorry, I didn‟t know that was you.” Sean said seriously. “You alright?”
“Yeah, I‟m cool.”
“Let‟s get back in the pool.”
They went back to the pool and got in for a few hours. They left the recreational center at about five and headed over to McDonalds to get something to eat. They talked about what school was going to be like now that they were going to be seniors.
“Man, we are goin‟ to run that school.” Sean said happily.
“I know right.” Derrick added. “I can‟t wait to get all of the privileges like early dismissal and cutting the lunch line.”
After eating, they went back to Derrick‟s house. Derrick‟s parents were back now and were in the living room watching T.V. when Derrick and Sean walked in.
“Where have you been?” Derrick‟s mother asked.
“I was at the pool with Sean.” Derrick answered. “Sorry for not leaving a note.”
“Make sure you do leave one if you go out like that again.” said Mr. Jameson.
Derrick and Sean ran upstairs and into Derrick‟s room. Sean got on the bed and Derrick went over to his computer and turned on some music. He only listened to R&B and Jazz, which was different than Sean who only listened to Rap.
“Damn, why you always playin‟ that shit?” Sean asked. “That shit is lame.”
“Man, this is real music.” Derrick told him. “Hey Sean?”
“What was up with the pool thing?”
“I told you it was an accident nigga. Damn, drop it.”
“It wasn‟t an accident. Why would you put your hand up my swimming trunks?”
“I had my eyes closed. I didn‟t know what my hand was doin‟.”
“Alright, damn, I did it on purpose. I don‟t know why. Its just, lately, I‟ve been feelin‟ you man. It‟s like I‟m attracted to you or something.”
“Well, to tell you the truth, I feel that way sometimes, too.”
“I knew it! Damn, what are we gone to do „bout this shit?”
“We can try doin‟ somethin‟ to get the curiosity out.”
“Somethin‟ like what?”
Derrick got up and walked over to Sean. He climbed on the bed and onto Sean. They stared into each others‟ deep brown eyes. Then, they shared a very passionate kiss on the lips. Derrick began to feel a sensation inside of him that he had never felt before. He could feel Sean‟s dick getting hard. They kissed some more and then stopped.
“Should we be doin‟ this?” Derrick asked.
“Yeah baby.” Sean answered.
Then he pulled his pants down and whipped out his twelve inch rock hard dick. Derrick got down and positioned his head right in front of Sean‟s dick and started to suck it. He really didn‟t know what he was doing but as long as Sean kept moaning, he kept right at it. After a few minutes, Sean‟s body started to shake. Then, he yelled out and shot a huge load into Derrick‟s mouth. Derrick swallowed every drop of it and they kissed to seal the whole thing. Derrick thought that it was over but it wasn‟t. Sean pulled a condom out of his pocket and put it on. He
motioned for Derrick to take off his pants and lay on his stomach. Derrick did so and Sean gently spread his ass cheeks and began to lick Derrick‟s hole. Derrick moaned in pleasure as Sean ate the hell out of his ass. Then, Sean stopped and started to push his dick into Derrick‟s ass. At first, Derrick‟s ass felt like it was on fire but then the pain turned into pure pleasure and bliss. They tried to keep their noise levels down because Derrick‟s parents were right downstairs. After almost an hour of fucking, Sean pulled out of Derrick and came all over his back. Derrick could feel the warm cum sprinkle his back and ass. They then put on their clothes and sat on the bed and talked for a few hours. Derrick was no longer a virgin.
From that hot day on, Derrick and Sean got closer and closer and started a relationship. They expressed themselves in front of everyone and didn‟t care what people said. Of course they lost a lot of friends but the ones that were truly their friends accepted them for who they were.

Mar 26

Dauge’s Love ( Gay Sex Story)

Dauge’s Love
Written By: AraeisDivi
Chapter One: Reflections
Dauge was the type of nygga who never did anything “wild” in his life. He was conservative and not very outgoing. He grew up in Wisconsin, and had never been out of the state. He was now on a bus to the airport where he would get on a plane to Atlanta where he hoped to make it big in the entertainment industry. He would stay with his Cousin who had move from Wisconsin about two years earlier. Atlanta he would miss his friends all the people he had grown up around. All the experiences he had there, Dauge was a 6’0 ft Almond brown naturally toned little dude wit hazel brown eyes. He had a soft six pack long back and fat ass, which got him plenty attention from girls and guys alike. Dauge found that he like guys more than girls, as he rode on the bus he reflected on his first male encounter.
His name was Tom he was white guy that live along Dauge’s route home once he got off the bus. Tom was a mechanic and he was always out in the yard working on someone’s car. Tome was 26 about 6’1 very muscular with brown spiky hair that was normally moist with sweat and various car fluids. Dauge was 17 and in his senior yeah of High School and almost everyday when he walked by Toms house he could feel Tom watching he him, he normally kept his head down. “How was school lil D,” Tom would call Out “It was kewl,” Dauge would answer. So one Friday as Dauge walked by Tom called out, “How was School Lil D,” “It was kewl,” Dauge replied. “You got a lot of homework?” Dauge stopped normally their conversation never went any further and Dauge never looked at Tome. “Ummm,” he stumbled over his words. “N-n-naw no homework on Fridays Tom,” he answered. “Oh good then maybe you can help me with something.” Tom said as he walked around the red corvette that he had on bricks, Tom was wearing only a pair of nylon basketball shorts that were stained with oil and other liquids, Dauge could tell he had no underwear on cause he could see Toms Piece swing freely underneath the flimsy material. “Aye D! D!” Dauge’s head snapped up as he realized what he was staring at. “Yea huh?” he replied mortified. Tome seemed not to notice “Are you going to help me with this or not?” “Yeah” Dauge replied hastily not knowing what he was agreeing to help with. “Good I need you to hold this pan,” Tom presented a pan he had been holding to Dauge. “And catch any fluids that come out when I start to drain the oil filter on this car.” “Oh sorry I can’t get my school cloths dirty,” Dauge said honestly remorseful that he couldn’t help after he agreed to.
“Don’t worry you can put on a pair of my shorts first, come on in and well get you changed.” he led Dauge into this house; it was a typical bachelor pad. Tom had no girlfriend, no wife, and no children. He lived in a one lever brick house with a living room and dining area, a kitchen a den and two bed rooms all with black
furnishings. The went into his bed room, Tom had a large bed with black sheets and pillows his dressers where black as were his curtains the room was a mixture of grey light and shadows. “Here you go,” Tom handed Dauge a pair of dark shorts he couldn’t discern the true color for the lack of true light. Tom went into the bathroom and turned on the facet. “I got to wipe at least a little of the oil off of me; go ahead and change.” Dauge took off his shirt he tuned his back to the bathroom self-consciously. He took down his pants leaving his white boxer briefs on, he was about to pull the shorts over when Tom yelled. “Damn It!” Dauge started at the exclamation turning to see Tom come out of the bathroom with his pants pulled down in the front exposing his pubes and the base of his shaft. “The oil soaked thru my pants and got into my pubes!” he said this with a slight chuckle in his voice. Tom looked up to see Dauge staring at him with wide hazel eyes. “Ummm, u might want to take those off too,” he said pointing at Dauge’s underwear. “Don’t want to satin your tightty-whities do you,” Dauge stood motionless. Tom smiled, “here look he said flipping the waist band of his short down to show the inside also exposing his white dick that was slowly hardening. “See how it soaks all the way thru; I got it all in my pubic hair. You don’t want stain your underwear do you?” “No I guess not,” Dauge found enough voice for a reply. He slowly turned his back to Tom and pulled down his underwear Tom saw Dauge’s silhouette, his slender toned abdomen and his soft, smooth, fat ass. “Damn D you toning up ain’t you,” Tom grabbed Dauge’s arm and turned him around Dauge notice that Tom was hard now and was embarrassed to find that he was too. “Wow I guess lil D isn’t such a good nick name after all,” Tom said noticing that Dauge was sporting a 9 inch piece of wood. Dauge gave a nervous laugh he didn’t know what to do. “Are you scared,” tom asked. “Yeah,” was Dauge’s reply? “You want me to leave you alone,”…………Dauge put his head down he was terrified he didn’t know how do have sex; he didn’t know what it entailed. “Ummmmm, what are you going to do, Dauge asked. “Dunno what ever you let me, I really would like to put my dick inside of you.” Dauge felt chills yet his dick did not go down it got harder if anything. “Will it hurt,” Dauge questioned. “I think a lil at first but I will take it slow.” “Well let’s try,” Dauge replied. Tom pulled Dauge close they were chest to chest dick to dick. Tom’s hands were placed on the perfect globe that was Dauge’s ass. Dauge’s hands were on Tom’s chest separating the two of them. Tom leaned forward and kissed Dauge on the mouth soft and slowly. Soft pecks on his bottom lip then top. Tom used his lip to knead Dauge’s mouth open first he licked Dauge’s lips the he inserted his tongue. His right hand went behind Dauge’s head and pulled him closer his tongue went deeper into Dauge’s mouth Dauge began to relax. Dauge’s hands began to explore the terrain of Toms rippled abdomen. His strong chest and muscle strewn stomach. His fingers combed thru Toms Oily pubic hair his hands wrapped around the thick girth of Toms dick. Soon Dauge was kiss just as fiercely as Tom, their tongs doing an intricate waltz within each others mouths. Dauge began a rhythmic stroke up and down the shaft of Tom’s dick. Tom began soft moan, and his left hand squeezed at Dauge’s right ass cheek. “You like the way that dick feels in your hand?” Tom inquired. “Yes,” Dauge gave a simple reply. “You think you’d like to feel it in
here,” Tom said placing both hands on Dauge’s ass and giving a squeeze as he pulled the two pillow soft cheeks apart and inserted his right index finger into the wet pink center. Dauge clenched there was no real sensation just the fact that this attractive man touch one of his most private area sent a tingling sensation thru his being. “If you want to,” Dauge replied. “Yeah I do lil D.” tom laid Dauge on his bed Dauge shuffled back allowing room for Tom to get on as well. Tom sat on his knees in-between Dauge’s legs. He took Dauge’s legs and bent them at the knee and placed them on either side of his waist, he then shuffle back and looked down at Dauge’s glory, the Almond brown skin lightened into a soft carnation pick flesh, Dauge anus was so small and inviolate, Tom tried to ease his pinky in, and it was a tight fit. “Damn lil D,” “what,” Dauge asked concerned etching his face. “Nothing bad, u just tight ass hell, that’s really good, I’m your first?” Tom asked. “Yeah you are,” Tom said nothing else he leaned down and ran his tongue across Dauge’s hole the sensation was like nothing Dauge had experienced be for it sent shockwaves of euphoria through his body, his back arched, his eyes watered, a breathless moan escaped his lips, he ran his hand over his body in a futile attempt to grab hold of the unadulterated pleasure that ran freely across his aura. The reaction set Tom libido aflame his male pride bolstered he let have at Dauge’s secret place his tongue flailed and penetrated, his lips nipped and sucked at the softness that was Dauge’s sexual core. Dauge was in torment from the pleasure; he was in bliss, numb from the elation of the tantrum his hormones were throwing. Tom continued his tongue’s onslaught enthralled by Dauge’s throws of passion. Dauge began to moan louder, Tom couldn’t stand it anymore his Dick was solid, it was shot through with blue and red veins and pulsed with a aching hunger for Dauge’s unmolested ass. Tom lick Dauge’s hole once more leaving a small amount of saliva in his tongues wake, he stroked his own dick a few times getting the residue from the motor oil off his hands on his dick. Tom put the head of his rod at the entrance to Dauge’s labyrinth and began to push it in. Dauge took a sharp intake of breath the pain was excruciating, it was not tinge with pleaser it was all agony. Dauge’s hands shot up and grabbed Tom’s waist but, Tom didn’t stop the procession he knew that if he didn’t get it in fast enough Dauge’s might be to scarred to let him. To his surprised Dauge didn’t say a word, he just held Toms waist his nails digging painfully into his tormentors side. Tom leaned forward and starts to kiss Dauge on the neck, the sensation and the closeness was a nice distraction. 3 out of eight inches in so far, and Dauge started seeing black spots, 5 out of eight in and he stared to loose his breath and vision, 7 his was frozen in a state of perpetual agony, his face was set in a stern grimace, his eyes were shut, his mouth agape. 8 inches and Tom froze, he watched nervously as the pain rolled across Dauge’s face, Dauge’s ass clenched then released as if trying to dislodge this foreign object. Tom was not moving, if he could have it his way he would stay inside of Dauge forever, it was warm here; Dauge’s ass gripped his dick better than he could with his own hand. Dauge’s breath began to slow his face began to soften the pain subsided a little, than a little more. Dauge took a deep breath, Tom say the relief and leaned down aging to kiss Dauge on the mouth soft at first than more strongly. His left hand encircled Dauge’s waist lifting him at the small of his
back his other hand supported Dauge upper back elevating him so that his hips were off the bed and so Tom could easily slide in and out. Tom began his pumping motion his back arched his white ass rising and falling as his Dick penetrated and retreated, penetrated and rethreaded in and out of the softest, tightest ass he had ever fucked. “OOOHHHH!” Tom began to moan “shit its so good lil D,” Dauge’s tilted his head back in the ecstasy of Toms praise, he had never had sex before but apparently he was good at it. Dauge’s moans returned as well the rhythm of Tom’s stroke, the pounding of his hard dick inside him gave him a funny feeling at the base of his dick. Whenever Tom’s dick went all the way in it felt like he pushed a bottom that made that funny warm feeling increase. Dauge’s moans got louder. “MMMM Tom,” he moaned lustily. Tom backed up and flattened Dauge’s legs down to the bed, the sight resembled a frog on a dissection table. Dauge’s ass was still tiled so that his pink and newly opened asshole was exposed along with a generous portion of his fat ass. Tom leaned over Dauge as if he were to do push ups while Dauge was under him. He angle so that his dick slide into Dauge’s open rectum. Up and down he slammed his dick in and out slow at fist soft at first, then faster and harder. That feeling Dauge was getting early perforated throughout his entire pelvic era like liquid mercury was being injected into his veins and was looking for an escaped. “Dauge’s moans became grunts of pleasure, Toms moans became gasps of exertion. “Damn D this ass is so good,” “yeah,” Dauge’s voice wasn’t his on this voice was husky and filled with lust and longing. “Harder,” the voice commanded and this voice unlike Dauge’s’ voice was a voice you obeyed. Tom drove his dick in hared the slapping sound of his pelvis hitting Dauge’s as was prominent in the room, it drowned out the heavy breathing it drowned out there words. That feeling Dauge was feeling was unbearable it found it way to his dick and began to slowly rise. “AHHHAHHAH!!,” Tom yelped his pumping be coming sporadic and choppy, he fell on top of Dauge still pumping dub it was close and his strokes were not smooth and long but an inch in and an inch out, more close to hunching. Dauge felt a new warmness and new wetness fill his being it was not unpleasant. Tom started to slow down his thrusts, “Don’t STOP!” the voice commanded. “Give it to me Tom,” it wined. “Fuck me!” it raged. Tom lifted his head to see those hazel eyes bore into him, not the soft eyes that were shy but eyes that judged and held him enthrall, eyes that would shun him if he gave a poor performance. Tom sat back on his knees and lifted Dauge legs straight into the air so they were parallel to his shoulders. And he began to pound on Dauge’s ass, which was still tight enough to keep his erection. New pain and pleasure filled Dauge; his back arched his spot taking a beating he knew it wouldn’t be long. It wasn’t about five powerful strokes later and the sky set on fire. Dauge only saw red he felt it smelled it and tasted it, Liquid warm and stick ran up his stomach and pooled at the nape of his neck, his prostate clenched painfully it had expelled all of it content and was imploding on it self. The red faded and Dauge opened his eyes to see river of white cascade up his stomach small streams of the fluid trailed through the ridges of his soft six pack. Tom was dotted with flecks of the viscous slime as well, and he had a look of surprise on his face. “Well if you ever give your lil guy a nick name,” Tom said referring to Dauge’s dick. “I would suggest
old faithful,” Tom burst out laugh, and Dauge chuckle feeling tiered. Tom cleaned Dauge up and Dauge put on his cloths Tom told him he could come back another day and “help” him with the cars. Dauge came back a lot of times but he never did any actual work on the cars.
Dauge’s reverie faded, the bus stopped and he arrived at the airport. He took his bags and went tot the boarding gates. Atlanta I wonder what this will be like. Dauge smiled imagining his new life in a new place, it was so exiting. Dauge didn’t notice as he got on the plane that he was being watched by another person also boarding. HE was caught up in the excitement of the journey, he had no idea how soon the adventure would begin….TO BE CONTINUED….
Written By: AraeisDivi

Feb 17

If They Fuckin’ Raw, Don’t Fuck With Them! #TellAll

Luckey Fan Tells All…

Sup Luckey,

I just want to say that I love your blog. It’s the hottest blog right now and it’s very informational. What I like most about your site is that you keep it 100% and you don’t give a fuck. I like that kinda shit. Anyway I wanted to write you because I know you are not afraid to talk about the shady shit that goes on in the industry.


I am a former porn model, who is HIV positive. I got into the porngame about three years ago. A friend of mines, who was older at the time used to be in the industry as well. He introduced me to the hustle. Actually we used to turn tricks together before he told me about this dude, who produce porn. The name of his studio is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  and it is based in the deep south. We were one of his first models before his studio blew up. He used to host parties and invite young boys over and it was our job to turn them out. Get them high on party drugs and fucking on film. Sometimes he would join in on the fucking. We never used condoms. They were all legal but they just want to be with the cool dudes. I was young myself but because I have a big dick and I know how to fuck, they never made be the bottom. Anyway right before his studio took off, I decided to do work behind the scenes.

Overtime I got to see a lot shit while working with this particular producer. He would always pick up these young tricks off the street. Every now and then during Pride he would pick up the young and dumb college niggas who wanted to be around the ‘cool’ kids. He would turn them out and film them without their knowledge. This is how he pretty much blew up in the industry.

He would treat these niggas like dirt. The morning after, he would kick them out and they would be dazed and confused from the night before. Dude didn’t give a fuck.  I knew the shit was foul but I was getting paid pretty decent so I kept my mouth close.

One day I got real sick. I thought I had a really bad flu and so I went to the hospital. They did a few tests and I found out I was positive. I didn’t tell anyone. I kept doing my job, kept fucking the dudes rawand getting my paper. At this point I didn’t give a fuck. I didn’t care. I was fuckin’ angry but mostly because I allowed myself to get into this situation, knowing the risk. I am a nigga from the hood (Adamville) but I wasn’t stupid.

It wasn’t until this one dude showed up on the set one day that I decided to get out of the industry. He was fine dude , well known in the strip game but dude was a druggie  and you can see the rashes and patches on his skin. When they were fuckin him, his ass just start leaking and shit. It made my fuckin stomach turn.

I walked away from that shit and never look back. I took the last couple of bucks I made from the studio and took a greyhound to Texas where I currently live. I been on my meds and I doing well now. I even went back to school to get my GED. My dream is to go to college and get a business degree!

It’s hard for me to watch porn and enjoy it these days because I have seen so many familiar  faces and instead of me busting a nut, I get sick to my stomach. I am going to say this and you might not want to post this on your blog.  Most of those kats you see fuckin’ raw on film are HIV+ and probably got some type of STD that don’t have a cure. They don’t give a fuck either. Some of them only get paid a couple hundred dollars to fuck too. Tell your STARZ to stay the fuck away from them. They are a bunch of stunt queens and drug addicts.

They fuckin raw in real life too and they lie to niggas all the time about their status, mostly because the niggas are extra thirsty and naive as it is.  I am saying all of this because I don’t these niggas to end up like I did or be in a grave like my friends are. They ALL died from complications of AIDS and NOBODY from the studios reached out or attended any of their funerals. They don’t give a shit about nothing but money.

Not to mention this whole city is full of positive niggas who posing as negative. They purposely infect other niggas  because they don’t give a damn. I should know because I was one of those niggas. I felt like if they were dumb enough to take this big dick raw, they deserve to get HIV like me.

I got names if you want to put them on blast*!

Anyway I just wanted to put it out there. I will send you my credentials so you know that I am real but keep me anonymous!

Much Love Bro,


Excerpt from TheLuckeyStar

Feb 12

Church Boi (Sex Story)

By Daone
“The untold could be sold story”
Chapter I
To all of you who may read this, I must say this is a true story. However, the names have been changed to protect all parties involved. I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed living it.
One mid-summer morning I was just bored out of my mind. I had just moved to this new big city (Dallas, TX,) where as I did not know anyone other than my family. I had been here a while and did not tell them I was here for my own personal reasons. First, I am the middle children 3 children. I have a younger and an older brother. We are all 4 years apart. My younger brotha was involved in just about all sports, I was the computer kid and my older brother was just yo average man who loved to work and did not pursue any college education. I went to college (still attending) and my younger brotha went into the service and is still active. Enough on then now on with the story!!!
From as far as I can remember I have always loved going to church. All the activities that go along with it and even the trips we would have to go on for da Lawd. My brothaz did not like church and hated me at times because I loved going. If I went, this meant that they would have to attend also. (Enforced by my mother) I started my church life as just a pew sitter and somehow someway I began to just be magnetized by the choir and the music. No one in my family could sing but I wanted to get in the choir. Why? I do not know. Years later as I moved away for college I was drawn to the choir again at this church I joined under Christian experience while I was away from home a lil country town back in East TX. I was drawn to the choir again so I went to talk to the choir director whom we will call Lee and asked him about joining the choir. He told me just come on Thursday night at 7pm and join in with the tenors. I was like how you know I am a tenor? He just smiled and said you are more than just a tenor I am going to use you a lot. You have a God given gift that you have not tapped into yet but trust me you will. I did not know what that meant but I like the sound of it. I could not wait for Thursday to come! I was so excited about being apart of the choir that I started telling everyone. Lee gave me his number to call if I did not have a way and he said that it would be no problem for him to scoop me up along with some of the other members. I called him on Thursday afternoon and told him I needed a ride and he said be ready at 6:15pm and I will be there to get you. Rehearsal went great! I was one of the strongest voices in the tenor section. Lee did not have to take the entire people home that he picked up because their parents who got off work later than most people came to get them at the end of
rehearsal. This means that Lee and I would get to be at the church longer to do some more songs. Lee was not only a choir director but he was a musician as well and very talented. He loved the way I sang and I let him know I could play a lil bit but I was not that great. He insisted that I get on the keyboard so he could see if I was good or not. So I started playing “His eye is on the sparrow” and he got on the organ and played along with me. I was unaware that the mics were on so I began to sing as I closed my eyes and when I got to the part “and I know he watches” I began to adlib and repeat till tears were coming down my face and when I opened my eyes Lee was looking me right in my face tearing up as well. So I stopped right there and got up to go out of the church and he stopped me. He grabbed me and said “WOW!!! WHAT AN AWESOME VOICE PACKED WITH SO MUCH POWER”! He hugged me and was just allowing his hands to go up and down my back. I do not know why this was making me feel better but it did. I can not explain how good this was making me feel. A few times as Lee was rubbing my back his hands went low enough to grip my ass. Dat really made me feel good but I do not know why. I was 26 years old, in college loved me some females and had many that wanted to be with me but I was for some strange reason turned on by the choir director and his manly grip. Lee stood about 6’3, 200LBS of toning muscle, paper bag brown complexion, naturally curly hair, hazel eyes and a smile that would make you wanna smile even if you don’t like smiling. Now I am 5’11, 190LBS, 36W, very light skin complexion, and I wore shoulder length braids. Some called me a “pretty boi”. I lived alone in my apartment not far from campus. I did not choose to go to summer school so I was just chillin everyday doing whatever I wanted to do. Lee asked me if I was ready to go and I said yeah but I would love to be able to play as you I said. He just looked at me and smiled. I was like can you teach me a few things? He was like ok kool. So we get into his Lincoln LS and drive off. He assumed that I had a keyboard but to his surprise after I invited him into my apartment there was not one there. He asked if I wanted to go to his house and he would be glad to teach me a few chords. I said lets go. Then he says, “OH my God look at the time, you are a student I can not have you out this late”, I assure him it was fine because I was not attending summer school so lets go. Lee says he is on vacation and I could spend the night if I so desired. I pack a bag for a few days and we’re off. I place my hand on the center console that is between us and I guess out of habit Lee keeps trying to put his hand on the console not noticing my hand is there. So jokingly I say, “if you just want to hold my hand you do not have to sneak and do it, be like NIKE and just do it!” We both are laughing now and he does just that. My dick jumps straight hard and I can’t control it. His hands are so soft, yet masculine and strong! I look at him as we approach his house and he looks me in my eyes and says, “baby, we’re home”. In my mind I reply “BABY”? I get out and he says I got your things come on.
As I look at this beautiful house I can not believe a bruh was living so large. I do not know what he does for a living but bruh got a nice car and a very nice house. He’s single, no kids, handsome, and he makes me feel good already. I’m wondering, what is his problem? He could have any female he wanted but he
was allowing me to chill with him. Like I have been saying in my mind I do not know why this is but I am loving it!! He shows me where to put my things and tells me to get comfortable and meet him in the music room. I change in to some b-ball shorts and a wife beater. I go to the bathroom and then go to the music room. I guess while I am in the bathroom he changed as well. I see he has on b-ball shorts as well and no shirt and just some socks and some Nike slides. While in the music room and he is showing me some jazz chords and I am loving his music room because his stuff is far better than the instruments we have at the church. I start to yawn because it has been a long day and I start to mess up on some of the chords. He gets behind me and shows me with his hands what my fingers should be doing. Now he is all up on me with his chest on my back with both of his arms around me while he is playing the keyboard. I close my eyes and all of a sudden I lean back and I end up being grabbed by him as he is laughing. “Are you ok”? I stand up and attempt to walk to where I had put my things not realizing that my dick is harder than it has ever been in all my jack off life! Lee looks and says “DAMN BOI “ and he smile and I am so embarrassed that I do not know what to do. I did not know whether to shit or go blind! He grabs me and hugs me and tells me it is fine. He takes me by the hand and leads me to his room which happens to be where my things are. He sits me on the bed and tells me to put on this blind fold and just relax. I do as I am told because I feel totally safe and secure with Lee. He puts on some jazz and tells me to just feel the music and relax. I do just that and he comes back with something to drink and places the glass up to my mouth and I drink it. It is so good that I want more of it. Till this day I do not know what it was but it was good. He starts to massage my shoulders, which feels too good. He lifts my wife beater to take it off of me and I resist. He tells me to relax just trust him. I do this and he really gets into this therapy and it is about to lay me on my face literally. I lay on my face and he is really making me almost pass out or was it the drink? Who knows and who cares. After what seems to be an eternity he stops and says I will send you a bill. I get up and says well I better get a job here to pay you because nigga like ain’t got no job! Again I get up and my dick is still hard from before and I do not even care this time. I look up at Lee and I just give him a hug and I tell him thanks man for making me feel so good. Before I could say one more word I feel his dick up against my dick and I look in his eyes and I want to say what da fuck is going on? He looks in my eyes and then he tells me that he likes me! I say I like you too! He says naw I mean I really like you. You make me feel like I really have a meaning in life. I confess to you that I am bi-curious he says and he says I can tell that you are too because you keep getting hard when I touch you. At that point we just move into each other and begin to softly kiss as we move back toward the bed. The kiss seems to go for hours but I know it could not have been that long. We are on the bed and he is on top of me and then I am on top of him and we just keep rolling in dat king size sleigh bed. I am so hypnotized that I did not realize that he had taken off all of his clothes and I had did the same. I am lost into the passion that is in da room. He stops kissing me and says to me DeJaun, what are we doing? Our bodies are going for what they know and we really do not know each other. BUT IT FEELS
SO DAMN GOOD!!! We look at each other and at the same time we say, “lets slow down”, and start laughing. I kiss him one more time on da lips and he kisses me on my neck and we say again SLOWING DOWN! I play argue about who was sleeping on what side and finally I say get yo ass in da middle and I will let you hold me or I will hold you. NOW MOVE!!! He likes dat demanding talk I can tell because I see his dick jump hard just like dat. I was like damn you got a huge dick. (his dick was every bit of 9.5 – 10 beautiful cut inches). We get in the bed and he puts all dat dick in between my legs and allow him to just grind on me. It is not in me but my legs are closed down on it as it is just riding in between da crack of my ass. His arms are around me and he is playing with my nipples and they are now just as hard as my dick. I have never did anything like this before. After a long period of time of this grinding he starts to suck on the back of my neck. I start to moan and groan as he is going the same. This shit is krazy hot. I am sweating and so is Lee. He then starts to stroke my 8” thick cut curved to da left dick and I never had a bruh or anyone as a matter of fact do this for me. I could tell he was about to cum and so was I. I start to get really verbal and loud!! (MAKE ME CUM LEE! DAMN GIMME DAT NUT!! SPRAY DAT SHIT NIGGA) He says, OOOOOOHHH fuck my nigga YOU GOT ME MAD HOENY! I WANT TO BE INSIDE YOU SO BAD BUT I RESPECT YOU! DAMN BOI IM BOUT TO GIVE YO SOME NUT!!! We both start feeling dat feeling and then it happens. He jacks me till I cum and he cums so much nut grinding his dick in da crack of my ass will I was ready to die and go to heaven. We lay there and then we get up to go to the shower and we dry off, change da sheets because nut was ere where and then we go to sleep.
The darkness of night is finally chased away but the boldness of the morning sun. Lee wakes up first and then he wakes me up by kissing me on my neck and I am thinking I am dreaming. This is how I always dream of waking up either I am the one kissing someone on their neck or I am being kissed on mine. I allow myself to go back somewhat into dreamland and Lee decided to use another tactic. He gets under the covers and searches for my semi-hard dick. He finds it and then he makes it hide in his mouth. In and out repeatedly my dick gets hard in his mouth until my full 9.5 cut curved to da left inches are all the way in his mouth and the head is in his throat. His mouth is so warm! I can’t believe how good this if feeling to me from a man! I want to stop him but I have not strength or the will to move a muscle to attempt him to stop such pleasure. Millions of things are going through my head right now but they are not strong enough to stop this erotic pleasure. Just when I think it can get no better Lee turns my body to where I am not laying on my side and he does this without taking my dick out of his mouth. Before I can say a word he has his dick pressed against my lips and without saying a word I know what to do or shall I say what he wants me to do. I allow my lips to open up and let his dick inside my wet mouth. I am a novice at this and I am not sure I was doing it right at first until Lee
starts to moan and groan making gestures signifying that I was working him out. I remembered as a track runner that in order to breath correctly I had to take air in my nose and out my mouth in order to allow this dick to go in my throat and then once it was where I wanted it to be I could hold my breath and let my throat muscles do the work. Within what seemed just a few minutes he was trembling and shaking and started stuttering. I knew then he was bout to give up his seed. I did not know if I wanted to swallow or spit. So I decided to go with the flow and I did not want to stop. I let him fuck my face till his seed was in my belly. All of his babies was in my stomach and then I milked his dick will all da cum was out of his dick. He fell over on his back and passes out. I was smiling and glowing b/c I realized I did a hell of a job on dat dick.
I did not get to cum so I lay there on my back beside sleeping beauty and started jacking my dick. I do not know why I was now harder than I had ever been in my life. I started just freaking myself. I played with my nipples and they got super hard. I just was having a good time all by myself. I licked my fingers and got them all wet and started really playing with my nipples. This was really getting me hot. I was too turned on for my own good. Lee was still there sleep and seemingly lifeless. I grabbed the lotion on the nightstand and put some on my hands and on my dick. I started stroking my dick very slow. I closed my eyes just so that I could make vivid pictures in my mind what had happened to me and what might happen lata. I get all into this so much so that I start moving my hips up and down as if someone was on my dick ridding the fuck out of it. In my mind I change positions. I get on my knees and I am still jacking my dick with my eyes closed. I got lotion on my dick and my right hand and I got some on my left hand which is needing something to do. I decided to stick my finger in my ass just to see what it feels like. I get that finger in my ass and at first it was not that comfortable. But after a while it gets better and better. I am really going to town with this self pleasure. Later I decided to put two fingers in my ass and really work da shit out of my tight virgin hole. My eyes are still closed and I am in another world. Finally I feel my nut cumin. I decide to keep my eyes closed just a little while longer. When I could not hold back my love juice any longer I open my eyes and guess what I see looking back at me!!! Lee is fully awake looking at me. Not only is he looking but he has his legs up fingering his ass and jackin his dick just like me. It is so amazing because we both got our nut at the same time. I do not know how that happened. I sprayed all my nut on him and he sprayed nut on himself. He was covered in love juice from his neck to his thighs. I was wondering what he might say about me doing me for my get off pleasure. But he was like damn boi I did not know you was a freak like dat. You act like you was unaware that I was looking at you. I was like OH YEAH??? So I lay on top of all dat nut we just sprayed and start to kiss him and suck on his tongue. He was going crazy. I guess he was wanting to fuck me now or get fucked, I did not know which one. Just when I wanted to ask him what was next I see a tear coming down from each eye. I do not know why. He was like no one has made me feel like this in a long time. I am so scared of falling in love with you he tells me. Why I ask? He says because I feel that soon as I fall in love with you the
same thing will happen to me that happened to me the last time. The person told me he could not be with me the way he wanted to because of his status in the community and his vows and commitment to his wife and kids. So I was like who did you like dat? He says I can not tell you all that just trust me I was hurt for months. I wipe the tears from his eyes and cheeks with my tongue and I tell him that he will not see those tears again b/c I had them in me. Yes I swallowed his tears and told him not to cry anymore about that. We go to the shower and get clean and go to breakfast.
We finish eating at I-hop and he tells me that he has to go to the church and check the mail. He was looking for some invitations for his choir to sing in a musical along with the Texas Mass Choir. Well I told him I was going to sit in the car since he made it seem like it was going to be a small visit. I am getting tired of sitting in the car and it has been about 30 minutes. I cut the car off and go inside to see what is taking so long. I go inside the church and lee is in there on the phone. He must be talking to someone important because he is doing all this yes sir no sir replies. He gets off the phone and says that he needs me to go with him to a church service that night and play for him as he sings for the pastor. I was like ok. Just teach me what you need me to do . Well come to find out pastor had to preach for a men’s conference and he wanted us to attend. To make a long story short he did not seem to really want to go alone so he insisted that I go and the way he was sure to know that I was going he asked me to play for him. He is much better of a musician than I am so why did he want me to go with him to play for him? We go home take a nap and I realize I did not bring any clothes for church because I did not plan on going to any weekly services. So he goes to the mall and gets me some new gear to wear for the service. I am so impressed at his taste in clothing that it scares me. We get dressed and are ready to go to the service and on our way out the door pastor calls him. The phone is ringing and he does not answer it. I see pastor’s face in his cell phone caller ID and I was like you not going to get the phone? He don’t want nothing Lee says. So when the phone rings again I answer it and he looks like he wants to go off and kick my ass for answering his phone but he quickly smiles with that look on his face as to say look at my baby taking his rightful place. It is pastor and he asks to speak to Lee Lee. In my mind I say “Lee Lee”? I blow it off as nothing. I give him the phone and all he could do is listen and not say a word. He finally got to say yes sir ok sir and that was about it. He gets off the phone and his look was not right. I says we have to go by the church and get something for the pastor that he forgot. He wanted me to get his robe. We get the robe and jet to the church. As we get to the church we go to the pastor’s study and give pastor his robe. Pastor gives us a hug and a good God bless you along with a thank you! Something just does not seem right but I plan to figure it out.
Pastor changes into the robe in front of us. It is just us three in the study. Pastor is about 6’5 230lbs of pure muscle looking like Zackary Tiims from Florida. He takes off the pants he had on and puts on the pants he was going to wear while he is preaching. Pastor had the nerve to be wearing some boxer briefs. His dick was just laying on his left leg and I could tell he was a blessed dick having man of GOD. His dick had to be about 10” long. I kid you not. Lee was like lets go man I need to get out of here. Pastor says you know what I like so do your best son!!! He says yes sir and we go into the church to set up. Lee sings his long I play for him and the saint went off. They danced and shouted for what seemed to be 45 minutes. Me and Lee played the praise music. He was on the keyboard and I was on the organ and I wore dat thang out!!! Pastor preached and he told me he wanted me to chord for him when he got to the whoop of his message. I said ok. So when he was getting ready to close he tells me to come help him close. Lee did not move so I finished out the service. Well when church was over we got the keyboard and left the church. Prior to leaving many people asked if I was looking for a church to play for I told them no. We go ridding around and just chilling then Lee was like I better take this Keyboard back before something happens to it. Lee tells me to stay in the car. I says ok. He says I am proud of you. You rocked the church while you was playing. You did just like a good church boi. I start blushing. He takes the board in the church and I guess he has to set it up too so it will be ready for the next use. Again I am getting upset at the wait. So I just chill. Now I been in the car for an hour. I go in the church again like before but this time I do not see no one. I hear no voices, now do I see any sign of Lee. I am worried. I walk around and look in all the classrooms, and the choir room. I even looking the audio room to make sure he was not working on the sound to ensure that all the wires were hooked up correctly but there was no sign of him in there. I decide to go to the pastor’s study. I did not know where it was but I finally found it. The first part of the study was like a living room/ waiting area. No one was in there. So I go to the door on the other side of the waiting area which is the office for the pastor. The door is cracked and I see pastor begging on his knees asking Lee to fuck him! I could not believe what I am seeing and what I am hearing. Lee tells him that he no longer wants to be with him knowing he has a wife and kids. He says look pastor you hurt me and I refuse to be hurt like that again. I am with church boi now. He says you mean Smokie Norful look alike that was on the organ tonight? Lee was like yeah! Pastor was like I aint mad atcha! Dat nikka is cute as fuck! I am getting hard by listening to da pastor give me a compliment. What is more crazy is to now see why Lee was trippin. Him and pastor used to fuck and pastor still wants him. So pastor goes over to Lee and start kissing him and Lee tried to resist him. He really put up a fight. But pastor was just too strong for Lee to resist. Pastor got naked and shook his dick at Lee and said you know you want to suck dis dick and I know I want you to suck it. He told him that the first lady refused to suck it. He says well get to work Lee Lee!! Lee gets on his knees and goes to work on da pastor. I never knew I could get any harder than I did this morning but I was wrong. I was looking at the pastor and Lee working it out and I was just as horny now than I ever was. Lee gets out of his clothes and he tells
pastor to turn dat ass up. Pastor was like I thought you would never ask. Lee goes in pastor’s desk drawer and gets a condom and puts all his dick in dat ass. I cant take this no more. I loosen my belt and step out of my pants and start jackin my dick. I am so happy that I do not realize that I am opening the door more and more. I have gotten so into pastor getting fucked by Lee that I end up in the office with them. I end up right in beside Lee. I scared his ass and he jumped and says “church boi”? What are you doing here? You left me in the car too long and I came looking for whats mine!! I go in front of the pastor and he is like “son this is not what you think bruh Lee is just helping me with something”! I say pastor close your mouth on this dick! Dats what you can do!! He does as he is told. While he is sucking me and Lee is fucking him me and Lee start to kiss. Pastor is looking at us kiss because he is on his back and my dick is in his mouth and Lee’s dick is in his ass. Finally I am like lemme knock pastor off! Lee says you sure? I say no offense bruh I got a lil more dick than you. Lemme make him really shout. I get him dat ass and it is hot like hell. Pastor is like stop STOP PLEASE STOP!! ITS TOO MUCH I CAN NOT TAKE IT! I was like shut up and take it like a man. Don’t be no punk bitch. I can not believe I am saying this to pastor. I tell Lee to put is dick in his mouth. I tell Lee to straddle his face with his back to me. Lee does what I say and as I am fuck Pastor’s ass lee is fucking his mouth. Pastor is getting a fucking he will not soon forget. I start sticking my finger in Lee’s ass and he is bout to lose his mind but he stays focused enough to do a good job on da pastor. Finally pastor is like I am bout to cum! I am almost there too. Lee pulls out of his throat and jacks his dick but he has his nuts in pastor’s mouth taking them in and out of his mouth. Pastor is stroking all dat big ass dick till he cums a river then Lee cums while pastor is sucking on his nuts. Then I cum on pastor. A little of my nut went in his ass but he did not say a word neither did I Lee gets done and goes in the bathroom in pastor’s study and bring back some towels for us to clean ourselves. As we all come back to ourselves Lee says Yo pastor we got to go we’ll see you Sunday. Pastor goes in his desk drawer and says lemme be a blessing to you Bruh Lee and “Church Boi”. I was like Hot Damn I am broke as hell and now pastor bout to break us off a lil something. He gives Lee a couple hundred and gives me $400. I was like whats this for. He said two was from me and the other two was from the pastor of the church we was at earlier. We leave out of the office without saying another word. Lee takes me to his house and we shower and chill then finally I say you ok? He says yeah. You ok he asks me. I say yeah I’m good just a lil tired. So we go to the bedroom get naked and get in the bed and Lee says to me with his arms around me and his dick all on my back and he says “I love you Church Boi”, I look at Lee and let him know I love him too. We go to sleep. I am in his arms just like the night before and life is good. I go back to my apartment the next day and I think about all that happened. I came to Dallas as a country boi now I am “CHURCH BOI”!
If you are wondering if me and Lee still get our oral on the answer is yes! Want to know what happened next with me and da pastor? Keep looking I will tell you later. The story will be titled Da pastor and me!

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